Our Five Favorite Agency Posts of 2015

Here at Pantheon we’re proud to partner with thousands of agencies that build awesome Drupal and WordPress websites. We published a ton of useful content for digital agencies in 2015, and wanted to take a minute to celebrate some of our favorites:

  1. The Myth-Busting Guide to Agency Growth & Scale: Is the client always right? Does your agency need a niche to grow? In this guide, we bust seven myths that often plague young agencies looking to scale. Read for tips on how to grow your web agency.

  2. Paul Boag on the Future of Web Development for Agencies: For this post we caught up with web designer and digital strategy thought leader Paul Boag to discuss the future of web development for agencies. Read for insight into agency trends and tips on building a future-ready business.

  3. Digital Agency Growth: Leslie Bradshaw on Defining Your Market: In this post, Leslie Bradshaw, Managing Partner at Made by Many, shares tips and tricks for agency growth. Bradshaw discusses reputation, partnering, side projects, and more in this insightful post on defining your market. Read for tips on building a scalable agency model.

  4. Make It Work: 4 Web Development Project Management Tips: Sometimes managing a web project can feel like spinning plates while herding cats, but you can keep all your cats in the air with a little project management. To help identify project management tips that can keep teams on track, we enlisted Director of Projects Suzy Bates and Project Manager Chris Devidal of web design and development agency Four Kitchens to share their wisdom. Read this post to ensure smooth sailing on your next client project.

  5. You, Inc: Going from Developer to Digital Agency: As one progresses in their professional life as a web developer, it’s not uncommon to consider starting an agency. We caught up with Jeffrey Zeldman, founder of A List Apart and Happy Cog, to discuss the transition from developer to digital agency. Read for tips on turning your passion into a thriving business.

Is there any specific agency content you'd like to see in 2016? Let us know!

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