Shape the Customer Experience at All Levels

Advanced Global CDN extends our Global CDN offering—both powered by Fastly. Manage groups of websites without subdomains and unlock personalization and targeted messaging at scale. Let teams drive growth by enabling iterative testing and WebOps (website operations). Regain control over messaging and intellectual property with location-based blocking and redirection, a customizable web application firewall (WAF), and IP blocklisting.

Unlock Growth Through Iteration

Drive growth with iterative site updates and migrations using WebOps. With domain masking you can review requests at the edge, and direct traffic to new pages before your CMS application starts - all with a seamless experience for visitors.

Set Your Brands & Teams Free

Empower your best teams and brands to own their websites, while maintaining visibility and security compliance. With Advanced Global CDN's domain masking and reverse proxy, teams can independently manage multiple Drupal and Wordpress sites without the obstruction of subdomains or risk of SEO loss.

Control Messaging & Intellectual Property

Exercise control over your website like never before with measures that include geolocation blocking and redirection. Leverage custom logic on the Fastly edge cloud platform to show your visitors exactly what they should see and nothing else.

Rest Easy With Powerful Edge-Based Security

Unlock the power of the edge to enable secure control over your full stack. Advanced Global CDN allows for the delivery of custom edge-based services and rules including Fastly’s robust web application firewall (WAF) for calibrating control over your brand.

L.A. Tourism and Convention Board

The Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board overcomes demand spikes and prepares for a major CMS version upgrade.

Global CDN Advanced Global CDN Advanced Global CDN + WAF/IO
Price Included Contact Sales Contact Sales
Full-Page & Asset Caching Yes Included w/ Global CDN Included w/ Global CDN
Layer 3 & 4 DDoS Protection & Mitigation Yes Included w/ Global CDN Included w/ Global CDN
SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance Yes Included w/ Global CDN Included w/ Global CDN
Origin Shielding Yes Included w/ Global CDN Included w/ Global CDN
Managed HTTPS (SSL/TLS) Yes Included w/ Global CDN Included w/ Global CDN
IP Allow/Blocklisting Manual Configuration Yes Yes
Token Authentication / JWT (JSON Web Token) Manual Configuration Yes Yes
Custom Error & Maintenance Page Rules No Yes Yes
Geolocation / Geofencing Edge Control
No Yes Yes
Device Detection & Edge Control No Yes Yes
Full CDN Edge Logs No Yes Yes
Modify Headers at the Edge No Yes Yes
Edge Redirects No Yes Yes
Domain Masking No Yes Yes
Enterprise Blue/Green Support No Yes Yes
Efficient Image Optimization (IO) at the Edge No No Yes
Layer 7/Enterprise WAF Rules No No Yes
OWASP & WAF Rules for WordPress/Drupal No No Yes
Rate Limiting for Form & Log-in Pages No No Yes
Advanced Bot Detection & Mitigation No No Some Plugins Supported



We Handle Setup, Maintenance, & Support

Advanced Global CDN is supported by Pantheon’s highly experienced professional team who can set up, configure, and maintain your Fastly edge configurations. Tap into the expertise of a team with vast experience implementing CDNs, WAFs, and complex edge logic.

Global CDN Is Always Included

Never miss a chance to engage with a visitor. Thousands of sites use our included Global CDN to render pages with extraordinary speed by caching responses at the edge with Fastly's globally distributed points of presence. Advanced Global CDN offers the ability to tailor Global CDN to your unique needs.


Advanced Global CDN Features

Domain Masking

With reverse proxy, free divisions, and brands to own and manage their websites under a single domain. With domain masking, review, and route each request uniquely at the edge and enable page-by-page migrations all with a seamless user experience.

Geolocation Detection and Blocking

Regain control of your brand and intellectual property with fast and accurate location-based blocking and redirection. Save resources, improve security, and maintain compliance with routing that takes place at the edge, before your CMS ever starts.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Stay on message and ensure site integrity with a custom web application firewall configured for your site. The WAF, powered by Fastly, inspects each uncached request in excruciating detail and rapidly applies rules to keep your online presence stable.

Image Optimization

Engage visitors in real-time with rich content that compels and converts. With image optimization and auto WebP support, pages render at light-speed from the edge, offloading work from your servers and adding resilience to your site.

IP Allow/Blocklisting

Keep the wraps on your latest product launch, while holding competitors and intellectual property thieves at bay. Easily manage IP address lists and restrict access to your development and test environments to just your team.

Edge Logging

Gain visibility into the security of your site and take action on your site’s end-to-end traffic with access to edge logs and tools to merge and synchronize edge and server logs.

Custom Rules and Redirects

Our Advanced CDN unlocks the ability to implement custom site rules including bespoke cookie-handling, URL rate-limiting, header modifications and filters, and URL and query string sorting and filtering.

Global CDN

Deliver rich web experiences to your visitors and never miss an opportunity to engage with our always included Global CND (content delivery network). Leverage global points of presence from Fastly’s distributed CDN to expedite web requests of all kinds.

Group 112

Rate Limiting

Curtail malicious traffic including brute-force login and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks by throttling traffic at the edge. With rate limiting, guard critical assets including login, form, and promotional pages, with an added layer of security.


Pantheon’s platform is built for agencies and organizations who don’t compromise on website security.

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