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Enterprise-Grade Drupal & WordPress

Pantheon stands alone as the fastest, most reliable hosting platform on the planet. If you are responsible for a mission critical or high traffic website, you need a world-class team and powerful platform to ensure your site’s success. Pantheon offers more than hosting, we deliver guaranteed success for your website launch, uptime, and performance.

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Use our dynamic calculator to analyze the cost of building your own hosting and development infrastructure versus migrating to Pantheon.

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The average website re-launched on Pantheon is 2.47x faster than on its legacy infrastructure.

Lightning Fast Hosting

Run your site on the fastest hosting on the planet. Unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability make Pantheon the best place to host Drupal and WordPress sites.

Elastic Hosting

Everything you need and more

Drupal Hosting

Built-in workflow, no server management, and the highest Drupal hosting performance possible.

WordPress Hosting

Unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability make Pantheon the best place to host WordPress sites.

Managed Security

Secure infrastructure, encrypted channels, least-privilege user access, and more.

Smooth Scaling

Scale to millions of pageviews without affecting performance on our container-based infrastructure.


Rest easy knowing a world class team of Drupal and WordPress developers is always available to help.

Performance Monitoring

All sites come with a free New Relic Pro plan, giving you code-level visibility into your site’s performance.

Why Over 1,000 Agencies Standardize on Pantheon

Hosting That Just Won’t Quit

Run your client sites on Pantheon and never worry about your hosting infrastructure again. Pantheon takes care of the tedious sysadmin work like setting up LAMP stacks, provisioning development environments, and maintaining servers.


I can finally hang up my server admin hat and focus on what I love doing–building awesome sites.

August Ash
Colin Mullaney, Developer, August Ash

A Platform That Tech Leads Love

Run sites on a host that meets your standards as a tech lead. Pantheon’s container-based platform has the features you expect, from global CDN and free managed HTTPS to smooth scaling that lets you handle any traffic spike without breaking a sweat.

  • Git
  • Redis
  • CDN

Pantheon gives me the access I need as a very technical person, but abstracts away all the obnoxious, repetitive work. The result has better uptime and reliability than anything I’d have built on my own.

Matt Johnson, CTO, Alley Interactive

The Turbo Button for Teams

Enable your team to spend more time on the work that matters. Pantheon’s tools let your team use the best tools available, like best practice workflows, feature branching, and pre-configured staging environments connected by version control.


Pantheon’s managed distribution tools are unbelievable. Without Pantheon, we’d need to do another 100 hours of custom development operations. There’s nothing else on the market like it, period.

August Ash
Lev Tsypin, CEO, ThinkShout
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