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What is Pantheon?
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Take control of your web success through transformation with Pantheon and Google Cloud

When enterprises undertake digital transformation initiatives, they need to solve immediate needs while adding to a strong technology foundation supportive of continuous digital change. They need agile solutions for true business velocity. Pantheon and Google Cloud fuel innovation and efficiency for website development, deployment, and optimization, enabling every team to take ownership of their online success. We empower teams to remove website bottlenecks that stifle agility, innovation, and, ultimately, results. Together, we handle uptime, performance, scale, and security, so enterprises can do their best work.

Why use Pantheon on Google Cloud?

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Best in class web technologies

Pantheon works with leading CMS technologies WordPress and Drupal and integrates with Big Query, Looker, Google Kubernetes Engine, and dozens of Google APIs while easily stacking with other devtech and martech technologies.

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Automation where you want it

Pantheon protects entire site portfolios with automated workflows, custom upstreams, branding integrations, parallel workstreams, so that enterprise web teams won’t need to worry about lost revenue from their sites breaking.

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Efficient Website Portfolios

Google Cloud customers have portfolios of websites spanning dozens to hundreds of unique sites. Pantheon’s portfolio management allows IT to see at a glance all the sites in a portfolio in one place. Pantheon makes it easy for IT teams to automate and focus their energy.

Combining the power of Google and Pantheon

Achieve extraordinary velocity and control over all your web properties with the comprehensive Web Operations (WebOps) platform from Pantheon.

Bolstered by Google Cloud’s cutting-edge infrastructure with AI-infused tools and data analytics, seize the advantage to drive transformational customer digital experiences. Pantheon and Google Cloud enable unconstrained innovation and efficiency for website development, deployment, and optimization.


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Get Pantheon on Google Cloud

Pantheon is available on the Google Cloud Marketplace, which offers ready-to-go development stacks, solutions, and services to accelerate development.

Users have one-click access to the industry’s leading WebOps platform Build a strong, agile web foundation that delivers results. Integrated billing makes it easy to use your Google Cloud Marketplace credits toward Pantheon.

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