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Enterprise WordPress on Pantheon

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WordPress Multisite Search & Replace

Automate global changes across your WordPress Multisite network.

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Object Cache Pro

Ready to see a 20% site performance improvement? Install the Object Cache Pro WordPress plugin on Pantheon. 

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Increased PHP Memory

Optimize PHP memory allocation for smooth site operation and performance.

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webops cert
Accelerate your career

WebOps Certification Program

Learn how to improve developer velocity, drive cross-functional collaboration, and maximize the outcomes generated by all of your digital properties with our new WebOps Certification Program. The program offers a structured learning path with expert guidance - and a free study guide that will help you ace your exam!

Create with Autonomy

Build Next.js Sites Faster

Use the latest JavaScript frameworks with the Open Source CMS you trust on Pantheon. With consistent build and runtime environments, you can create with confidence.


headless digital experiences


Achieve Velocity

Up to 83% faster backups with the new Pantheon File System

And stay on top of potential performance problems with the File System Status Report, available in the site dashboard’s 'Status' tab.

PHP 8.3 - Now available!

Pantheon supports PHP 8.3! While PHP 8.2 is recommended for now, rest assured that we are ready to support your migration as core CMSes and plugins catch up.


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Achieve Velocity

Speed into action and take creative control of your brand’s web presence.

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Create with Autonomy

Develop, test, and launch new CMS or front-end code without getting blocked.


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Global Governance Made Easy

Rest assured that your sites are always fully integrated and compliant with company standards.


Object Cache Pro

Build with Velocity on Pantheon

Deliver the perfect digital experience for your business using the technologies you trust. Publish freely and frequently, at pace with market demands.