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Introducing personalization with Lytics

By partnering exclusively with Lytics, we've made it fast and easy for you to create highly relevant, individualized web experiences.

“Personalization has been too difficult and something only a few companies have been able to achieve. This partnership enables every company to modernize their marketing with generative AI and makes for a seamless transition away from third-party cookies.”

James McDermott, CEO, Lytics

Free for our valued customers

As a Pantheon customer, you get access to Lytics' Personalization Engine at no additional cost. It's a low-risk, high-reward opportunity for you to take your website to the next level.

Google Cloud Platform native technology

Google Cloud Platform is the foundation for both Pantheon and Lytics. What does that mean for you? The latest technology, seamless integration and top-notch reliability.

Built-in AI for enhanced productivity

With Lytics' generative AI, you can quickly create content tailored to specific audience segments, simplifying and improving your content strategy.

Platform enhancements, built for you


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Real-Time Insights

Streamline troubleshooting with Workflow Logs

Waiting for support when your site encounters errors can be frustrating. We created Workflow Logs to give you control over your workflow. With this feature, you can monitor and resolve issues faster than ever before, ensuring your website always performs well for your users.

Ask about the Workflow Logs Early Access Program in our Pantheon Community Slack today. Availability is limited, so don't miss out!

Upgrade now available

Optimize performance with New Relic PHP agent version

Our latest upgrade to the New Relic PHP Agent takes performance, reliability, and usability to new heights.

With this upgrade, resolving WordPress and Drupal issues on Pantheon is now easier than ever. That means smoother experiences for your site visitors and more efficient workflows for you!




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Effortless Governance

Maximize security with Domain Validation

Your website's security is our top priority. That's why we've introduced Domain Validation, a feature that lets you verify ownership of domains when adding them to Pantheon with just a few clicks.

The best part? Domain Validation is automatically enabled in your dashboard, so you can rest easy knowing your sites are secure - no extra action needed!

Unleash Your Creativity

Build Next.js sites faster

Use the latest JavaScript frameworks seamlessly with your favorite open source CMS. 

Get off to the best possible start with our advanced open-source starter kits, complete with Preview Site Settings and health checks. Experience faster build times, thanks to our incremental build cache and Node versioning. And when you need to clean up your workspace, easily delete old Multidev and preview environments for a clean, searchable, and organized Front-End Sites dashboard.


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New in enterprise WordPress

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WordPress Multisite Search & Replace

Automate global changes across your WordPress Multisite network.

Technical Documentation
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Object Cache Pro

Ready to see a 20% site performance improvement? Install the Object Cache Pro WordPress plugin on Pantheon. 

Technical Documentation

Increased PHP Memory

Optimize PHP memory allocation for smooth site operation and performance.

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Object Cache Pro

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