Managed Updates

Leverage open-source, focus on growth, and secure your baseline with fully managed WordPress and Drupal updates.


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With Managed Updates, free your technical talent to manage innovation instead of site maintenance and benefit from the most widely used open-source CMS platforms, WordPress and Drupal.

Confidently Leverage Open Source

Take advantage of the best of enterprise-grade open source CMS — including proven code, widely available talent, and low total cost of ownership — with our full update management.


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Redeploy Resources for Growth

Focus your technical resources on innovation and growth with WebOps and complete CMS update management including detection, visual regression testing, and deployment.

Secure Your Baseline With Timely Updates

Reduce your company’s web attack surface with automatic update detection and best-in-class managed updates for all your WordPress and Drupal sites.


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Manage Complexity At Scale

Managed Updates extends governance to teams managing large numbers of sites, delivering significant resource recovery for maintaining website portfolios.


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Customer Story

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology

International Research University Scales it’s Team and Meets Demand Surge with Managed Updates and Multidev

Managed Updates Features

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Regular Update Detection

Never miss a WordPress or Drupal update with our fully automated detection technology. Managed Updates identifies core CMS releases as well as community-contributed modules and plugins to keep your site up to date.

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Hands-off Visual Regression Testing (VRT)

Confidently approve updates and ensure site integrity with our exacting multiple environment testing. Validation includes testing updates in a Multidev environment and VRT fine-tuned for WordPress and Drupal sites.

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Supervised Deployment

Our zero-downtime update governance extends fully to installation, with your team retaining the ability to expedite deployment and coordinate major updates with ongoing work and peak demand periods.

How Managed Updates Work

Managed Updates incorporates leading technology and the experience of Pantheon’s professional services team in robustly managing CMS updates for companies of all sizes. The multistep process includes redundant testing and a full backup before updates are pushed live:

  • Automatically detect updates for Drupal and WordPress core and modules/plugins
  • Updates are staged in Multidev environments to safely test them prior to applying them to your sites
  • Uncover impacts to the user experience through the use of visual regression testing, fine-tuned for WordPress and Drupal

Back up a live environment, deploy tested updates, and notify your team of changes


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Pantheon Managed vs. Unmanaged Updates

The difference between maintaining websites without Managed Updates is clear

Without Managed Updates

  • Uncertainty over who will maintain your CMS
  • Potential downtime or errors for your visitors/customers
  • Key team member time wasted on website maintenance and operations
  • Unknown number and state of security patches resulting in vulnerabilities
  • Emergency fixes to roll-back untested, problematic updates

With Managed Updates

  • Peace of mind that everything is up to date
  • Confidence that site functions as expected
  • More time for your team to focus on high-value work
  • Enhanced security with the latest core CMS and plugin updates
  • Minimal downtime with prompt management of all critical updates

See The Power of Managed Updates in Action

Webinar / Oct 1, 2019

Managing Updates for Drupal and WordPress

Learn how to mitigate risks, optimize updates, and harness the full benefits of open source CMS for enhanced website performance and security.

Case Study

OIST Scales Team and Meets Demand Surge with Pantheon & Managed Updates

International Research University Scales it’s Team and Meets Demand Surge with Managed Updates and Multidev.


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