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Offload Routine Maintenance

Security and feature updates are a huge benefit of the open source CMS ecosystem. If your organization doesn’t have the in-house resourcing or know-how to facilitate this process, let our team carry the weight for you with Managed Updates.

Lower Risk, Gain Peace of Mind

Pantheon’s best-in-breed automation technology and website experts will own the update process end to end. We own success, meaning your site won’t break and it will always be up to date and secure.

Improve WebOps Efficiency

Free your team from time-consuming CMS update tasks. Pantheon’s Drupal and WordPress experts will push new CMS features as soon as they are available, so your team can get the most out of open source while focusing on higher value work.

Without Pantheon Managed Updates

  • Dread of tedious work nobody wants to do

  • Potential downtime or errors for your visitors/customers

  • Unplanned emergency work to fix errors

With Pantheon Managed Updates

  • Peace of mind that everything is up to date

  • Confidence that site functions as expected

  • More time for your team to focus on high-value work

How It Works

Get the best of both worlds with top-line automation tooling and dedicated human expertise from Pantheon’s professional services team. Our team + tooling will:

  • Automatically detect updates for any core CMS and module/plugin updates to your Drupal and WordPress sites
  • Create Multidev environments to safely apply and test updates with your sites
  • Leverage visual regression testing fine-tuned for Drupal and WordPress to run tests with automated results, ensuring site functionality remains intact while applying updates
  • Deploy updates once they pass testing and notify your team of the changes


  • Create MultiDev
  • Apply Updates
  • Automated Testing (VRT)
  • Optional User Testing


  • Automated Testing (VRT)
  • Merge Updates


  • Sync Live Environment
  • Deploy Tag With Updates
  • Automated Testing (VRT)


  • LIVE
  • Deploy Tag With Updates
  • Backup Live Environment

Ready to offload CMS updates?

Save resources and get updates quickly. Let our team carry the weight for you with Managed Updates.

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