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The best support is the ticket you never need to open. But, we're here 24/7 for emergencies if you do. Or, access our self-paced documentation or Community Slack channel any time.


Connecting the platform to the cloud.

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What Supports Our Support

Consistent Infrastructure

What if 9 out of 10 support calls weren’t necessary? Pantheon’s infrastructure solves most of what comes to mind when you think of traditional hosting support, so when you do need help we are able to get straight to the issue.


Consistent infrastructure


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Support That's Award-Winning

Expert Support Staff

Ranked #1 on G2 Crowd for Managed Hosting Relationship, our customer support is second to none. No robots, no canned responses—real developers and engineers staff our support team. These WordPress and Drupal experts are always on deck to quickly identify root causes and recommend solutions.

Support That's Always Here

24/7 Emergency Support

24/7 emergency support—reach us quickly via chat, ticketing, phone, video conference, or even Slack to connect with an engineer in real time. Access all your support options easily from the Pantheon Dashboard.


Everything at your fingertips to make the changes you need where and when you need them.

Your Peers Love Pantheon Support

I think where you guys exceed is in the support model. That’s what I use all the time. And that really helps us achieve the goals we wanted to achieve.
David Arago, Development Team Lead, Hubbard Broadcasting

Pantheon is More Than Just Great Support

Learn more about the WebOps platform features that set Pantheon apart from traditional hosting and website operations.

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Advanced Site Monitoring

Pantheon runs over a million checks a day alerting you to any potential performance issues.

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Automated Backups

Nightly automated backups of your site’s database, files, and code are stored and created by job workers also running in the site's region. Additionally, any database or file clones between site environments are run by regional job workers.

Learn about Automated Backups
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Automated Updates

Easy-to-apply updates with built-in testing environments ensure quick security fixes with confidence.

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Secure Integration

Safely share data behind a protected firewall while your website runs in the cloud. No more servers to configure.

Learn about Secure Integration
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Automate Developer Efficiency

Streamline the web operations process for updates with pre-configured automation and desired frequency from detection to deployment.

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Connecting the platform to the cloud.
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