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A team of web, CMS, and agency experts to make managing your sites easier.

Get the help you need to build, launch, and manage your Drupal and WordPress sites. Talk to people who live and breathe web technology—or learn on your own from Pantheon's docs and tutorials.

The best support is the ticket you never need to open.

Before Pantheon, we opened one or two support tickets a week. Each ticket required a dozen back-and-forth responses. Since switching to Pantheon, we've had almost no errors, and have filed only a handful of tickets. Our website runs faster, and we didn’t change a single line of code! —Annie Wang, Co-Founder, Her Campus Media

Making the Fastest Response the Right One

Our WordPress and Drupal performance experts resolve most support tickets within two hours. We strive to make our first response the right one. Open as many tickets as you need. We’re here when you need us, and the platform is here to ensure you won’t need us often.

The Experts Are In Today

Spinning up a new site? Troubleshooting an existing site? Chances are your ticket will go straight to a former agency developer who has solved dozens of problems just like this. Our web and CMS performance experts are always on deck to quickly identify the root causes and recommend a solution.

Spin Up a Site

Agencies, Get Out of the Hosting Business

Launch time is crunch time. It’s no time to carry the pager for server-related issues. Pantheon is free to agencies—our continuous, automated monitoring lets you offer clients high-level support just by using the platform. Stop managing servers and focus on building powerful, cutting-edge sites for your clients. 

Launch an Enterprise-Grade Site

Sites that run on Pantheon are faster and more secure than sites that don’t. The Launch Team partners with enterprise site owners, giving you a single point of contact for a smooth launch, every time. Enterprise sites also get a two-hour response time for all tickets, and a 30-minute response time for emergencies.