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Serverless CMS

WordPress and Drupal in the cloud

Say goodbye to limits on scalability, stability, security, and the overhead of maintaining infrastructure. Use the web's most popular and powerful CMSs to publish in real-time and take control of your roadmap.


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Why Serverless CMS?

Create rich, innovative digital experiences that scale seamlessly


Open Source CMS as a Service

Optimize your open source stack with expert configuration to ensure unparalleled performance, stability, and security. Shift your focus from servers to sites, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Enjoy the full control and flexibility that comes with owning your code.


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Web Hosting

Unrivaled Speed & Uptime

Build best-in-class WordPress and Drupal sites on a cloud infrastructure that delivers sub-second page loads using object cache and a lightning-fast content delivery network.

Website Performance

Advanced Site Monitoring

Execute over a million checks daily with Pantheon, ensuring you're always alerted to any potential performance issues.


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Customer Story

How Patch Builds & Innovates Digital Experiences in Parallel with Serverless CMS

Patch accesses new markets in minutes, utilizing Pantheon to support continuous growth and scale without worrying about infrastructure.

Serverless CMS Features

Use Serverless CMS to operate scores of critical sites, accelerate development and publish in real-time, reaching billions globally

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Platform Security

Get guilt-in hardened security features. Secure infrastructure, encrypted channels, and least-privilege user access

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New Relic® Performance Monitoring

Get complimentary access to the best in class tool for debugging application performance issues within your website available on every environment.

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#1 Ranked by G2 Crowd

Our 24/7 support team of real developers and engineers are ranked #1 on G2 Crowd. Our experts are skilled in finding root causes and recommending solutions business-critical issues.

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Multizone Failover

Maintain 99.99% uptime and minimize loss in the event of a total data center failure. Our high-availability solution with intelligent failover at the Global CDN layer.

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Advanced Page Caching

The fastest solution for Drupal and WordPress with full page caching and granular cache control built-in.

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Global Regions

Deploy your application and data resources across multiple regions and availability zones to protect against datacenter-level failures.

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Previously there were many things we wanted to do, but the way our site was structured didn’t allow it. Now we can focus on our business, supporting the company from a marketing perspective, instead of infrastructure.

Why Your Peers Love Pantheon

Webinar / Jul 16, 2019

Choosing the Right Mix Of Services For Your Open Source CMS

Unleash the potential of effective CMS deployment by understanding your present and future needs.

Webinar / Jul 27, 2020

Agile CMS: A New Flavor of Digital Transformation


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