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Multizone Failover

Maintain 99.99% uptime and minimize loss in the event of a total data center failure.


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Why should you care about Multizone Failover?

Planning for minimal impact to a company’s system and data in the event of a major system outage or natural disaster is becoming business as usual for modern security and IT teams. This sounds extreme, but think about it.

What do minutes of downtime cost your business? How much critical data might be lost in that time? What about an hour, a full workday, more? If mitigating downtime, data loss, and data integrity are top of mind for your IT and security teams, you need to be thinking seriously about your Multizone Failover plans and policies. Start looking for partners and vendors that will support your requirements.

While we can’t prevent disasters from happening, Pantheon has architected a high-availability Multizone Failover solution with intelligent failover at the Global CDN layer. Multizone Failover for Elite sites on Pantheon keeps your mission critical website online in the event of a complete data center outage.


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Multizone Failover on Pantheon

Keep your elite Drupal and WordPress sites live, regardless of disaster

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99.99% Uptime

Pantheon’s containerized infrastructure has redundancy built in. Websites with Multizone Failover receive a replicated database in an alternate data center to keep sites up with a 99.99% SLA regardless of zone failure.

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Intelligent Failover

Infrastructure checks are running constantly to ensure all systems are operating smoothly. Elevated error rates in any data center automatically alerts our system to failover to a backup center immediately for guaranteed 5 min RPO and 15 min RTO.

Quick response

Real-time Failover Support

Our disaster response team proactively notifies you of any failure event and its impact to your site. Keep transparent lines of communication open 24/7 on any action taken to keep your site online or questions you might have.


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Multizone Failover

Adding Multizone Failover to your Elite site guarantees availability in two Google Cloud Platform zones, at all times. Our multi-zone architecture ensures that while your site is live in its primary data center, a real-time replica is also online in a secondary zone. In the event of a data center failure, we reroute traffic to the secondary location, while immediately provisioning a new replica in a third, healthy data center.

Failover happens in real-time via our Global CDN thanks to a partnership with Fastly, meaning there’s no need for you to worry about managing DNS changes (or worse, restoring from a backup). Likewise, our cloud-native pattern of provisioning new replicas rather than trying to maintain the ability to “fail back” eliminates a whole class of data consistency problems.

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Join us for a play-by-play of the many different ways your team can leverage various layers of control to ensure a balance of flexibility and standardization.

Multizone Failover

Maintain 99.99% uptime and minimize loss in the event of a total data center failure.

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