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Focus on your constituents—not web performance, security, and servers.

Can federal, regional, state, and local agencies own the systems required for reliable website performance and airtight security without having to manually maintain them? Yes, they can.

Government websites must be fully performant and secure. Yet all too often, web teams choosing open source CMS are forced to make trade-offs. Although they’ve automated publishing on one end, someone is manually managing servers and configuring workflows on the other. Server management and security updates are burdensome, especially when problems arise.


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Scalable & Secure Website Hosting

Pantheon enables web teams to completely sidestep the hidden costs and risks of traditional web hosting. Just as open source CMS makes publishing automatic, Pantheon makes developing and running websites on a smooth-scaling platform automatic. Every site is consistently accessible and secure. Users get total freedom to customize within constraints. Teams can make updates, introduce offers, and launch campaigns with the click of a button.


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Why Pantheon

How Pantheon enables secure website management for government agencies

  • Standardization: Quickly launch multiple Section 508-compliant, secure sites on demand.
  • Simplified Security: Manage updates through a unified dashboard in one click.
  • Secure Data Sharing: Utilize Pantheon Secure Integration to share data from behind firewalls.
  • Expert Support: Access 24/7/365 support from Drupal and WordPress specialists with unlimited tickets and no overage fees.

High-Performance Web Hosting for Government

Build rock-solid Drupal and WordPress sites designed with security in mind.

Disaster Recovery

99.99% Uptime

Your site’s uptime is measured thousands of times a minute. We can scale sites from hundreds to millions of pageviews in minutes.

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Security. Speed. Support

Speed & Security

HTTPS and a CDN are built into the platform to deliver content anywhere across the globe securely and at blazing fast speeds.

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24x7 Live Support

Our support team is staffed by Drupal and WordPress developers and performance experts who are available by chat, email, and phone.

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Our site serves the Senate and New York State very well. We think that every legislature in the country could benefit from Pantheon’s toolset.

Pantheon Government Resources

Case Study

How Mediacurrent and the NY Senate Moved a Highly Complex Drupal Site to Pantheon.

With Pantheon’s cloud-based development tools, the NY Senate is building out an ambitious legislative website.

Drupal for Civic Engagement: the City of Chattanooga Story

Yulia Popova
Reading estimate: 3 minutes

Case Study

The State of Iowa Modernizes its 70+ Websites, Improves Accessibility

Government services consolidate on Drupal with Pantheon and Lullabot to improve website quality, accessibility and readability.