Web Hosting Solutions for Consumer Brands

Brands that run on Pantheon deliver faster, higher performance sites to their customers and cutting-edge tools to their teams.

Be recognized for your brand, not your page loads.

People want epic experiences, not epic waits. Make your website performance the one thing everyone can count on, so more of today’s pageviews become tomorrow’s customers.

Just as open source CMS makes publishing automatic, Pantheon makes developing and running a scalable website automatic. Sudden traffic spike? Your website can handle it, without DevOps and IT working overtime.

Whether you’re a small, artisanal brand or a multi-label, household name, you and your team alone should own the systems that your open-source CMS runs on. Never again pay a surprise cloud bill or wait for servers to be provisioned.


Worry-free backups, one-click core updates, and controls for website standards make managing multiple websites more efficient than ever.

High-Performance Web Hosting for Consumer Brands

Build and manage hundreds of lightning-fast Drupal and WordPress sites on a single platform.

99.99% Uptime

Your site’s uptime is measured thousands of times a minute. We can scale sites from hundreds to millions of pageviews in minutes.

Speed & Security

HTTPS and a CDN are built into the platform to deliver content anywhere across the globe securely and at blazing fast speeds.

24x7 Live Support

Our support team is staffed by Drupal and WordPress developers and performance experts who are available by chat, email, and phone.

I don’t want to think about hosting, that’s not where our company dwells. Pantheon allows us to focus on the business.
David Applegate , CTO, Wrestling Mart

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