What is Drupal? & What can Drupal do?

What is Drupal? Drupal is the best, and if you’re like us, you want the world to know.

Where to begin to describe it? Luckily, a few DrupalCon Portland attendees were on hand to help us out. Watch them answer the burning questions: "What can Drupal do?" and "What is Drupal?"

The short answer? #DrupalCan do just about anything, even help find your missing dog.

So the next time anyone questions your love for Drupal, just send them this video and share the quotes below: 

What are your favorite quotes from DrupalCon Portland?:

  • "Drupal can do everything you can dream of." - Dries Buytaert [tweet this]
  • "Drupal can help millions of New Yorkers get home on time." - Ray Saltini [tweet this]
  • "Drupal can fight for human rights in China." - Jeff Pfleuger [tweet this]
  • "Drupal can empower young people to take action for social good." - Desmond Morris [tweet this]
  • "Drupal can revolutionize citizen science." - Edwin Rogers [tweet this]
  • "Drupal can help Linux events promote open source throughout the world." - Brett Burns [tweet this]
  • "Drupal can help build the new internet." - Aaron Stansh [tweet this]
  • "Drupal can help me select my favorite bottle of wine." - Ursula Ayrout [tweet this]
  • "Drupal can raise $50M for charity in one night." - Jeff Walpole [tweet this]
  • "Drupal can build complex data models without code." - Mike Herchel [tweet this]
  • "Drupal can run on a Raspberry Pi." - Connor Krukosky [tweet this]
  • "Drupal can eliminate unfair pricing in the credit card industry." - JD Leonard [tweet this]
  • "Drupal can do virtual worlds and virtual reality." - Lee Vodra [tweet this]
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