Smooth Scaling: Exploratorium Eclipse Event Drives Over 20,000 Active Users

Monday’s eclipse was big news nationwide, and here in San Francisco one of the main events was held by our amazing local hands-on Science Museum, the Exploratorium. They also happen to run their website on Pantheon, and did a great job there showcasing the eclipse for anyone who couldn’t view it themselves:

Whether it was a foggy day in the Bay area, or interest from around the world, their event went viral, driving a huge surge of users to their site. These are honestly the best emails any company founder could ever hope to get:

Hey gang -- We're not out of the Eclipse event yet, web traffic is still really high, but I believe we hit a new high-water mark of 20,000+ active visitors this morning on the Exploratorium web site, and Pantheon never even broke a sweat.

If you need to scale, we’ve got your back. Whether it’s huge surges in traffic from news events like yesterday’s eclipse, or what does seemingly on a weekly basis with their hyperlocal news operation. We even handle backend intensive operations like processing a massive surge in interactive transactions, such as the ACLU’s huge spike in donations earlier this year.

The beauty of Pantheon is it’s one huge platform pushing billions of pageviews a month, and there’s no need to re-architect your site, set up load-balancing, or resize your servers if you need to serve more pages. You focus on driving success, we worry about handling the load.

Pantheon team viewing eclipse

We’re passionate about helping our customers beat expectations and break records online. If you’re looking for a platform that can make you unafraid of being wildly successful, look no further.

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