High-Performance, Fast, and Secure WooCommerce Hosting

Boost sales with faster page loads and all the security and infrastructure you need to grow (or scale) your business.

Boost engagement and sales with the fastest WooCommerce hosting platform on the planet

Unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability make Pantheon’s high-performance hosting platform the best place to host WooCommerce sites.

Handle traffic spikes and promotions with confidence

Never again fear an unplanned traffic spike. Scale your website easily and immediately. Billions of requests a month are handled in software—this is smooth scaling for WooCommerce.

Migration services

Move your WooCommerce site to Pantheon with our hassle-free migration services.

Better results today, better results tomorrow for WooCommerce sites

Not only do we deliver better results now, but our Dev -> Test -> Live workflow gives you the tools to safely optimize your site into the future. Innovate away with confidence.

Focus on sales, not servers

Your business is too important to depend on a technological black box with unreliable performance. WooCommerce sites that run on Pantheon’s Google Cloud infrastructure don’t go down when traffic spikes, when security updates are applied, or servers are upgraded. Pantheon powered sites come up higher in search engine rankings, too, driving customers to purchasing decisions faster.

Give your around-the-clock business 24x7x365 website security

Pantheon is the only WooCommerce hosting platform to include fully managed and free HTTPS certificates deployed via a global CDN (Content Delivery Network). Secure infrastructure and carefully configured access to resources are also best practices we follow around safeguarding data.

WooCommerce Web Hosting Features

wordpress hosting

Pantheon is the fastest, most reliable high performance hosting solution for WordPress websites.


Our modern, container-based infrastructure allows your site to scale to millions of pageviews without negatively impacting performance.

Platform Security

Built-in, hardened security features are integral to Pantheon. Secure infrastructure, encrypted channels, and least-privilege user access.


Pantheon helps you achieve sub-second page loads around the world thanks to Global CDN, powered by Fastly.


Easily create feature branches for your sites or fix and test patches in isolation with Multidev environments.


Pantheon runs over a million checks a day and alerts you about any potential performance issues.


Help your organization achieve more value from your websites with Pantheon.
A WooCommerce site is continually accepting data; orders can be processed at any time. If you pull a database down and push it back up, you’re going to lose orders in the process. With Multidev set up, you don’t have to take the site offline to make changes.
Krissie VandeNoord , Owner, North UX

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