Smooth Scaling

Hundreds of millions of pageviews? We got your back.

Traditional hosting offers a range of architectures based on website size and traffic. Yes, your website may be able to scale. But only after someone resizes a server and overhauls your infrastructure.

Pantheon is different. There’s only one architecture, and it’s all you’ll ever need. Unplanned traffic spike? Scale easily and immediately. Billions of requests a month are handled in software—this is smooth scaling.

Never Overhaul Your Infrastructure Again

Every site on Pantheon—from developer sandbox to an enterprise—gets the same, distributed, container-based architecture. The Pantheon architecture has everything a high-profile site needs to scale, including load-balancing, supercharged databases, and advanced caching. Never again will you face:

  • Surprise, risky architectural migrations
  • Problems with shared instances
  • Downtime while someone resizes a server
  • One-off science projects to build out your complex snowflake cluster
  • Last-minute requests for additional resources

Scale Horizontally, Save Bacon

WordPress and Drupal websites scale horizontally on Pantheon by spreading across any number of containerized instances. These lightweight containers can provision 10x faster than virtual machines. Scaling out with a few clicks saves your bacon when you go viral. No downtime or slowdowns.

Dynamic routing technology balances requests across the platform automatically in real-time. A custom media storage system keeps file content in sync.

This N+1 model is the only way to handle large loads and ensure uptime without server outages.

Traditionally, companies that want this kind of scale have had to build and maintain it at considerable expense. This was the industry standard for far too long. Pantheon makes scale easy and available to all.