Dependable Website Security

Protect your Drupal and WordPress sites with secure infrastructure, carefully configured access to resources, and best practices around safeguarding data.

Innovate Risk-Free With Security Best Practices

Pantheon is trusted industry-wide for our leadership and knowledge in today’s ever-changing tech landscape.


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Website Security Features


Platform Security

Built-in hardened security features. Secure infrastructure, encrypted channels, and least-privilege user access.

Platform Security

Secure Integration

Safely share data behind a protected firewall while your website runs in the cloud. No more servers to configure.

Secure Integration
Role-Based Access Control

SAML/SSO Integration

Manage thousands of sites from one codebase to control universal standards while allowing individual sites freedom to customize.

SAML/SSO Integration

Protect Digital Assets With Round-the-Clock Website Security

Pantheon is the only hosting provider to include fully managed and free HTTPS certificates, automated backups, and one-click updates for all WebOps platform plans.


Dedicated HTTPS certificate

Website Automation and Software Update Features


Automate Developer Efficiency

Streamline the web operations process for updates with pre-configured automation and desired frequency from detection to deployment.


Automated Backups

Nightly automated backups of your site’s database, files, and code are stored and created by job workers also running in the site's region. Additionally, any database or file clones between site environments are run by regional job workers.


Automated Updates

Easy-to-apply updates with built-in testing environments ensure quick security fixes with confidence.


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Feature Spotlight

Pantheon’s platform is built for agencies and organizations who don’t compromise on website security.

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Multizone Failover

Maintain 99.99% uptime and minimize loss in the event of a total data center failure.


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Enterprise-Grade Website Security

Pantheon's website security features protect your Drupal and WordPress sites with secure infrastructure and configured access to resources. Learn more.

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