Artificial Intelligence for Your CMS

Webinar Length: 59 Minutes
  • Unveiling Google Cloud's AI Capabilities: Discover the remarkable capabilities of Google Cloud's AI tools, both pre-trained and DIY, and how they can revolutionize content management and drive business growth.
  • AI for User-Generated Content: Explore strategies to apply AI in managing and optimizing user-generated content, harnessing its power to improve quality, relevance, and engagement.
  • Seamless Integration with Google Vision: Learn about the technical integration between Google Vision and your CMS, enabling powerful AI-driven content management and governance.
  • Extending AI to Content Management: Unlock the potential of AI in addressing various content management and governance issues, and gain insights into its wider applications for enhanced efficiency and productivity.


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About This Event

Discover how organizations leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) as game-changers for business growth. Join us in this groundbreaking webinar featuring Abe Brewster, CTO of, Robert Kapanen from Google Cloud, and Josh Koenig, Co-Founder of Pantheon. Explore practical applications of Google's AI capabilities in content management at scale. 

Learn how to unlock the potential of pre-trained and DIY AIs, harness AI for user-generated content, seamlessly integrate Google Vision with your CMS, and address content management and governance challenges with AI-driven solutions.


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Abe Brewster Headshot

Abe Brewster



Robert Kapanen Headshot

Robert Kapanen

Strategic Technology Partnerships
Google Cloud


Josh Koenig Headshot

Josh Koenig

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Artificial Intelligence for Your CMS

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