Pantheon’s Global CDN

High-Performance Caching, 60+ Global POPs, and Free HTTPS

Your website, delivered faster than the speed of light.

At Pantheon, we think every website should be fast and secure. It’s why we’ve integrated Fastly’s edge cloud platform and managed HTTPS via Let’s Encrypt directly into our website management platform. All Pantheon sites—regardless of plan level—are now pre-configured to deliver content to users anywhere across the globe securely and at blazing fast speeds.

Global Reach for All of Your Sites

Pantheon’s Global CDN is backed by Fastly’s 60+ global points of presence (POPs). Unlike many CDNs, these POPs cache entire pages at the edge, not just static assets. We optimized the CDN for our website management platform, so it’s primed for WordPress and Drupal out-of-the-box—there is nothing for you to configure. This superior infrastructure also means sub-second page loads are within reach for anyone running a site on Pantheon.

Pantheon's Global CDN

Superior HTTPS

Free, Automated, and Managed Forever

Launch HTTPS

HTTPS protects the security and data integrity for both your website and your visitors' personal information. It is the responsible way to run the web, not to mention an increasingly important factor on SEO rankings. All sites on Pantheon are now automatically issued HTTPS certificates via Let’s Encrypt that we manage for you for free, forever—no catch. HTTPS on Pantheon is terminated at the edge, meaning encryption happens as close to your users as possible.

Secure Your Site

Advanced Caching

Sub-Second Pageloads

Advanced Caching

The faster a user sees your website, the more like they are to engage, convert, or buy—milliseconds can make huge differences in business outcomes. To get your site rendering in under a second, you need to deliver the whole page from the nearest CDN location, not a long-range request to the origin CMS. Pantheon’s implementation is optimized for full page caching out-of-the-box for WordPress and Drupal sites, rather than just caching static assets like most hosting and CDN providers do.

Get Better Caching

It Just Works (Like You’d Expect)

High performance caching, 60+ global POPs, and HTTPS are built into our website management platform—tuned and preconfigured so you can focus on building sites. It’s the Pantheon way. With Pantheon, all sites automatically get our Global CDN optimized for WordPress and Drupal, plus free HTTPS certificates that we manage and renew for you.


Josh Koenig

Josh Koenig
Co-Founder & Head of Product

Simon Wistow

Simon Wistow
Co-Founder & VP Product, Fastly

The Path to Sub Second Pageloads:

Beat the Speed of Light with Pantheon and Fastly

Ready to get sub-second pageloads simultaneously in Tokyo and Washington D.C. with no additional cost or configuration? Follow product experts from Pantheon and Fastly as they dive into the superior infrastructure behind Fastly’s cloud edge platform and how you can leverage it on Pantheon for free.

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