Global CDN

Deliver resilient digital experiences worldwide with our zero maintenance, always included content delivery network (CDN) powered by Fastly.

Your CDN has an immense impact on the speed, responsiveness, and availability of your digital footprint. We've partnered with Fastly, to make their blazing-fast network delivering sub-second page loads available to all our WordPress and Drupal customers.

Expedited Experiences, Available to All

On average, our customers see a 1.15-second speed increase instantly. We’re proud to offer our Global CDN to Pantheon customers at all account levels. Unlike other web platforms, you don’t have to pay extra for full-page caching or deal with bandwidth caps.

Access Comprehensive Global Reach

Tap into powerful and strategically distributed points of presence (POPs) around the globe to expedite your experience delivery and engage with audiences. Within the U.S., we’ve seen 2X improvements in page rendering time and up to 10X from across an ocean.

Design & Architecture Firm HDR

Together with Drupal agency Chapter Three, HDR transformed a dated site into an enterprise-level global powerhouse

Get Enhanced Productivity

Go from design and testing directly to publishing with our connected deployment pipeline. Save time and resources by letting us handle CDN and HTTPS setup, configuration, and maintenance in each environment. 

Advanced Global CDN

Access extended edge customizations, including image optimization (IO), a web application firewall (WAF) optimized for WordPress and Drupal, geolocation detection and blocking, domain masking for iterative migrations, and more.

Global CDN Features

Full-Page Caching

Building on our high-performance page and asset caching system, Global CDN delivers responsive digital experiences by serving entire pages, including content, CSS, and JavaScript from the edge.

Global Access

With Fastly’s strategically placed points of presence (POPs) and Google Cloud Platform’s comprehensive global data centers, including regions in the US, CA, EU, and AU, both your content and data can be just a click away.

TLS Encryption & Security

Pantheon includes fully managed HTTPS, supporting HTTP/3, and high-grade TLS 1.3 encryption for every site instance deployed on Global CDN, and on all account tiers.

Peak Performance

Global CDN is highly capable and scalable with 150ms mean purge time and a global capacity of 145 Tbps. When updating content, old cached pages get cleared within milliseconds.

Experience Protection

We’ve tailored our CDN stale-content settings, so even during an outage visitors can immerse themselves in your cached content. Stay engaged with audiences, prevent brand damage, and ensure smooth migrations.

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