Global CDN Powered by Fastly

The most advanced content delivery network for Drupal and WordPress websites is integrated directly into Pantheon.

Integrated CDN Free for All Pantheon Sites

At Pantheon, we pride ourselves on making sure the fastest sites on the internet are powered by our WebOps platform. After years of building, fine-tuning, and scaling our own edge caching layer, we realized there was more we could do to improve performance and security for our users. All sites on Pantheon are now powered by our Global CDN thanks to a partnership with Fastly’s edge cloud platform—for free.


Achieve an Instant Performance Boost

Unlike most CDNs that only handle images and other supporting static assets, Pantheon’s Global CDN technology lets you cache the entire page at the edge. This puts sub-second pageloads within reach for any site on the platform.

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Global Reach Yields Faster Load Times For Your Sites

Over 70 strategic points of presence (POPs) spanning across the globe (and growing) ensure your content is delivered as quickly and close to users as possible because you can’t beat the speed of light. Our testing shows that adding Global CDN capabilities can cut page load times in half for users within the US and speed up page rendering time more than 10 times for user's browsing from across an ocean.

No Setup; We'll Do the Heavy Lifting

Pantheon’s Global CDN is activated for all sites on Pantheon at no extra cost when you point your DNS to us. No setup, no special site modifications, no constant tinkering, just confidence that your site is running at light-speed across the globe.

We surveyed sites running on Pantheon to measure performance gains after moving to our Global CDN. On average, our network saw a 1.15 second performance increase for their sites instantly.

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