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Top 10 Resources: WordPress Security Best Practices

WordPress is a hugely popular content management system, and so a natural target for hackers. Although WordPress Core is very secure (an updated version has never had a major exploit), it's important to stay up to date on best practices and vulnerabilities in an age when chances of damage from attack are higher than ever. 

Below we present the top ten online resources offering WordPress security best practices, including definitive guides to WordPress Security from Moz and WPMU Dev, a free online course by Udemy, a detailed 15-step guide on securing WordPress, specific instructions on how to restrict access to parts of your site, secure your login page, prevent WordPress content theft, and more.

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The Definitive Guide to WordPress Security

Unless you're in charge of a WordPress site for a major brand, the majority of the security issues you're likely to face will be the result of script kiddies. The good news is this: If you follow this guide, your site should be as close to invulnerable as you can reasonably get.

Free Online Course: Learn How to Secure Wordpress

In a few hours, every WordPress user is able to beef up the security of his WordPress installation using free tools and by following some simple steps. WordPress security is not just for experts!

10 Little-Known, Super Effective Tips to Secure Your WordPress Blog

Whether you’re inexperienced with WordPress, or you’ve been using the platform since its existence, this article has 10 practical and supper effective ways to secure your WordPress blog that anybody can implement. You won’t find most of these tips in popular "how to secure your blog" articles, but they could very well save your blog one day!

Complete 15 Step Guide on WordPress Security

A detailed guide on protecting your WordPress site against all major security vulnerabilities.

WordPress Security: The Ultimate Guide

Like most website owners, security was never top of my priorities. It was only when one of my websites was hacked that I realized how common it was for websites to be compromised by malicious parties. As the most popular web publishing platform on the internet (by a large margin), WordPress is a popular target for hackers and spammers.

5 Steps To A Secure WordPress Login Page

Protecting your login page cannot be accomplished by any one specific technique, but there are certainly steps you can take to make any attacks far less likely to succeed. Your site's login page is certainly one of the more vulnerable pages on your website, so let's get started on making your WordPress site's login page a little bit more secure.

How to ward off WordPress content theft

Digital piracy may be the most irritating thing every site owner has to face when people blatantly take away his/her content without asking permission or giving proper credit. After pouring much efforts in researching and bearing a quality write-up, what most bloggers expect is the amount of credibility, readers and traffic they are going to get; not yelling out something like "hey, it's MY post!"

WordPress Security 101: Lock Down Your WordPress Site

Overview of WordPress security, 3 types of security a website needs, and 4 fundamental WordPress security best practices.

How To Protect WordPress from Intrusion: Your Must-Read Checklist

Botnets around the world have turned their attention from sending out spam emails to systematically hacking into Wordpress installs; it's a lucrative business given that Wordpress powers 40% of all blogs. Especially considering that even we fell victim to this, it's about time we did a comprehensive post on exactly how to protect your self-hosted...

11 Quick Tips: Securing Your WordPress Site

11 steps you can quickly implement to dramatically improve WordPress performance, including custom secret keys for wp-config.php, changing database prefix, limiting number of failed login attempts, and using Ask Apache password protect.

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