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More money is spent on Websites than Digital Advertising

We live in the age of the Internet — 2.8 billion people are now online and each one is a potential customer. Given that, what is the primary technology you can use to market to these people via the Internet and convert them into customers?

Your Website, of course:

 Websites are the primary Internet marketing technology used today

Your Website is the face of your company to the world. It is the internet version — the online customer experience — of your brand. This is why your Website is at the center of your online marketing efforts.

Following the money

There are a number of reports written that track the marketing spend as it shifts from offline (Radio, TV, Print) to Online Spending (Digital Marketing). According to Gartner, total spend on “Digital Marketing” by large companies is now over $500B annually:

  • Spend on all of “Digital Advertising” (Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is $106B
  • Total spend on websites? From our reading of industry reports, it’s now north of$130B!

This makes sense actually...

Plenty of businesses spend a huge amount of time, effort, and money on their website without spending a dollar on Google AdWords. And if you are spending a ton of money on advertising, where are you sending people? Your website. 

Website professionals lead this market

This is why there's such a massive and vibrant ecosystem of website professionals. Today, there are millions of talented, creative people who work hard everyday to translate brands into world-class online experiences.

We are 100% dedicated at Pantheon to making it radically easier for these professionals to build, launch, and run websites. We believe there should be nothing standing in the way of a marketing team envisioning a global online campaign and quickly bringing it to life. 

This is our way to make good on the marketing opportunity right in front of us. By 2020, 5 Billion people will be online, and each will be a potential customer.

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