Introducing Pantheon Integration For Branch

I'm Peter Suhm, the founder of Branch -- a continuous integration tool for WordPress developers. Together with Andrew Taylor, I have been working on a very exciting project: a direct integration between Pantheon and Branch. Leveling up your WebOps game with a new continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) flow for your Pantheon projects is now point and click. Choose your Pantheon sites directly in the Branch UI and all the granular configuration will be done for you -- automatically.

What is Branch?

Branch is continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) built entirely for WordPress developers. Use Branch to build, test, and deploy entire WordPress sites or even individual plugins and themes. Branch was born out of my experience working on WP Pusher -- a plugin that deploys plugins and themes directly from GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab.

Previous knowledge of CI/CD isn’t necessary to start using Branch. With the Pantheon integration, setting up CI/CD couldn't be easier! There are no confusing configuration files with Branch; everything is configured in the interface.

You decide which build steps you would like to run from a menu of templates, such as "compile assets," "install dependencies," "test against WordPress coding standards," "deploy with Git / FTP / SVN / SSH," "deploy to Pantheon MultiDev," and more. Define your own build steps based on one of the many build environments available in Branch. For example, use the Node environment to compile CSS and JavaScript.

Automate Your Pantheon Workflow With Branch

Branch seamlessly integrates an external Git provider such as GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket with your Pantheon workflow. The most exciting integration is the ability to automate the creation of Pantheon MultiDev environments whenever you open a new pull request. Branch will automatically create a new MultiDev environment and deploy the code from that pull request. This is a huge benefit for Q/A because every change request can have a PR and matching multidev URL for stakeholder review.

Using Branch to test your sites in a multidev environment on Pantheon before merging a pull request makes a lot of sense. Test your code against an environment that is very similar to your live site.

Pantheon's heavy focus on developer experience, with tools such as their command line tool Terminus, makes CI/CD an obvious next step. Now, anything you can do manually in the Pantheon dashboard can be automated using the Terminus environment that is available in Branch.

Demo Video

Sign Up For Branch Today

Pantheon users can sign up for Branch using this special Pantheon link. After signing up, you can use Branch for free for the first 50 builds. If you have any questions about Branch or would like to see a demo, please contact

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