How Agile is Your Web Team?

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At this point, you probably know the importance of embracing an agile approach for your web and marketing teams. Here at Pantheon, we see that the best digital experiences result from teams that regularly collaborate, experiment, and iterate on their websites using data-driven decisions.  

But how much experimentation is appropriate? What lessons can be learned from best-in-class web projects leveraging agile website operations (WebOps)? How can you measure (and improve) the agility of your web team?

You know that companies that invest in best-in-class WebOps enable their marketing and web teams to be more agile, but…

  • What behaviors and standards need to be implemented and executed on?

  • How can you know if you are operating at a best-in-class level?

  • And if you’re not operating at a best-in-class level, how can you know which areas you need to improve and how?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, fear not, you are not alone. Pantheon regularly consults with leaders who are building out agile web teams and gives them advice for leveraging processes to make their web projects successful on an ongoing basis. And we worked with a variety of different folks - from partner agencies to end-user customers to third-party industry experts - to distill down the advice & benchmarks we use to help folks build out a more agile web team.

So, how mature is your web team? How do you compare to your peers? Take our Web Team Agility Maturity Assessment!

Enter our Web Team Agility Maturity Model Assessment. This 15 question assessment helps benchmark the agile maturity of your web team across five main categories:

  • Website Iteration and Innovation

  • Website Resourcing

  • Workflows & Automation

  • Organizational Culture

  • Website Performance & Security.

Once you complete the assessment, you will receive your team’s results and a customized road map to level up your web team’s agility. We plot what level your web team is on the maturity model scale and help you create an actionable plan for unlocking agile digital marketing excellence based on our experiences working with thousands of web teams like yours.

The five different levels of agile maturity


If you are interested in seeing how your web team ranks and how you can improve your WebOps to build a more agile web team, take the assessment today and we’ll follow up to go through your results.

Take the Web Team Agility Maturity Model assessment today!

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