Fast Tracking Mindgrub to Pantheon Perfection

Last month we sent a team of Pantheors—including myself, Zack, and Wes—to Baltimore for our first ever Fast Track event with one of our terrific agency partners, Mindgrub.

Fast track is a brand new program for Pantheon agency partners looking to quickly standardize their web development on the platform. As part of this inaugural event, we spent two days at the Mindgrub office meeting the team, migrating sites, and training everyone to use Pantheon to its fullest. It was a lot of fun and thanks to everyone involved. 

What is Fast Track?

After working with hundreds different web development agencies, we have found that there are real benefits to those agencies who standardize on a single development platform. Instead of spending often unbillable time maintaining a hodgepodge of different server setups and dealing with real context shifting costs for developers and customers, agencies who standardize on a single development solution see a variety of benefits:

  • Project setup times drop from days to minutes. Reliably create new projects the same best practice fueled way every time.

  • Team management tools make it easy to manage growing and distributed teams. Quickly give developers access to the sites they need.

  • Onboarding of new employees and contractors is a breeze. Simply associate their email to your organization and get them doing productive work in minute.

  • Automation of time-consuming tasks like performing backups, doing code pushes, setting up Apache Solr and Redis, and creating development environments.

  • Reliability of both the development and production environments for both your development team and your customers. Pantheon's unique container based approach provides development environments that mirror the production environment.

What did we do in Baltimore?

After exploring Mindgrub’s amazing office space (Hello, rock climbing wall!), we got down to business, learning about their business. Our process started with a high-level meeting to learn about their current workflow, its challenges, and what it would mean to standardize on Pantheon. We then reviewed all of their projects in active development and conducted Pantheon enablement training with their entire development team. Afterwards, we worked together to migrate five of their sites to our platform—a mix of Drupal, WordPress, and regular HTML/PHP sites—which allowed Mindgrub to use Pantheon's fully-optimized workflow as a standard solution for their site development needs.

Looking forward to more!

We can’t wait to work closely with additional agencies looking to improve their process, and are thrilled that Mindgrub was willing to start the Fast Track program with us. They’re doing awesome things for their clients, and we’re happy to see it all happening on Pantheon.

Stop maintaining servers, focus on delivering awesome projects. See how personal consulting from our team can help reclaim lost billable hours. Apply for Fast Track.

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