Drush and the Drupal Console with Drupal 8

With interest in Drupal 8 heating up, a lot of people are wondering whether they should be using Drush or the Drupal Console as their command line tool of choice. Drush is the longstanding heavyweight champion, widely used and supported in hundreds of contrib modules. Drupal Console sports the modern Symfony Console component, that provides a new object-oriented interface for command line tools, exposing the power of the Symfony framework to script developers. Which is better for Drupal 8? (Disclaimer: I am a co-maintainer of Drush, but the answer may surprise you!)

The answer is that both tools are indispensable to Drupal 8 developers and site builders. The article An Introduction to Drush and the Drupal Console provides an extremely compelling illustration of this by walking the user through the process of installing Drupal 8 and writing a simple module using both tools working together.  A helpful overview on installing these tools is also provided for those new to command line tools, but experienced Drush users new to Drupal 8 should get a lot out of the brief module creation walk-through.

Drush and the Drupal Console together bring a lot of power and capability to Drupal 8 development. Mastering both of these tools will streamline site building, maintenance, and module development. Use them both together will yield the best results.

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