DrupalCon Shirt Pouf: A Practical Swag Storage Solution

Ok, you’re back from DrupalCon, and you’ve tackled most of the emails that have piled up while you were at sessions, hacking on modules, and exchanging community gossip in the expo hall. Now, what to do with all those shirts?

The problem is that you can only wear so many tech shirts in a given week, and the reality is that some just aren’t going to see the light of day. However, each shirt has sentimental value about the company or the day you got it, so Goodwill isn’t an option either. Dilemma!

Enter the Moroccan pouf ottoman. Now you can store your DrupalCon shirts in a practical way, rest your feet, and still have them in case you need to pull out just the right retro DrupalCon shirt to boast your nerd cred.

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