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This year Pantheon is partnered with WPSessions to present WordSesh on May 22, 2019. Dwayne McDaniel, Developer Advocate at Pantheon, sat down with lead organizer of WordSesh, Brian Richards, to learn more about the event and what participants can expect this year. Check out the full interview as well as some highlights and links below.

Brian Richards and Dwayne McDaniel in a conversation

Exciting mix of topics, speakers, and some surprises

This year was the first time Brian accepted session submissions instead of personally inviting individuals to give specific topics. He was overwhelmed with the quality of talks he received but inevitably had to finalize a lineup of 10 live presentations. In addition to those sessions, there are four pre-recorded business focused talks that will be made available the day of the event. Brian tells us that there are going to be a few surprises this year, and while he wouldn’t give us any hints, he encouraged everyone to watch the event live.

As for individual speakers, Brian was excited that we will have a few speakers from outside the WordPress space, like Courtland Allen from Indie Hackers, who will be sharing his insights from interviewing a lot of successful business leaders. He is also excited to welcome Katie Sylor-Miller from Etsy, who will be presenting “Happy Browser, Happy User,” which is all about building a site experience with speed in mind to delight the user.  

Why an Online Conference?

It is hard to attend all the talks at all the conferences. WPSessions was started to bring all the speakers to him. WordSesh is an extension of this same idea. It was founded by Scott Basgaard, but Brian has been helping out and finally took over the event last year. His mission is to get this content to everyone all over the world with the ‘freedom of location’ to watch when and where they please.  

Viewing Parties

If you want to watch this event with other people, to get that in-person conference feel, people from all over are self-organizing viewing parties. If you want to find a party near you or organize your own, head on over to the WordSesh website and look for the “Watch with Friends” section. If you’re in the Minneapolis area, you can join our local Pantheon office for our viewing party.

How to get the most out of an Online Conference

Brian recommends making a list of talks that are the most interesting to you and set calendar reminders before those sessions start. He says this is a tactic he uses at in-person events as well. Also, if there is anything you want to review from a session, it will be made immediately available after the broadcast. Budgeting time to watch it the day of the event is ultimately the best plan, as it is easy to think “oh I’ll watch it later” but never make that time for ourselves.   

Who Should Attend?

Everyone is welcome to attend WordSesh, but independent developers running their own businesses or someone who owns or works within an agency should plan to attend. Brian feels that with the variety of topics at the event, anyone who works within an agency is going to get a lot out of it.  

Make sure you register via the WordSesh website today and we look forward to seeing you online!  

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