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Automated Testing For WordPress Using Behat

The developer’s curse: you have some functionality working only to find it broken again later. We've all been there. 

Although Pantheon's Dev, Test, and Live environments reduce this risk, new changes still force developers to dedicate valuable time to manual testing. Fear not! Behat is the answer for PHP developers to automate this process. An open source, behavior-driven development framework, Behat lets you describe a feature once, in plain English, and every time you run the tool it will script the browser to do things like click, fill out forms, and verify text.

Check out our new guide, which shows you how to set up Behat on your local machine and run automated tests against a remote WordPress site.

You'll quickly see the value of adding automated tests to your WordPress project, and how it can help your entire team of technical and non-technical members collaborate more effectively!


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