All Too Easy: Pantheon + Lockr + Kalabox

One of our goals as professional web developers is to take manual tasks that can often be repetitive, time intensive, confusing, boring, monotonous—or all of the above—and to automate them.

Six years ago, Pantheon built some highly righteous robots to free us from the shackles of self-managed hosting; delivering the world’s best website management platform. Recently, Lockr and Kalabox have built similarly righteous robots to simplify both key management and local development with easy to install and simple to understand interfaces.

Robots and automation are now an essential, if not THE essential ingredient to any highly successful and profitable modern development project.

Panlockrbox Megazord

Why Robots and Automation?

First and foremost they SAVE TIME. Saved time means you can safely and hungrily operate on the margins of a potentially great harvest of new technological knowledge and wisdom instead of living in the mind-forged manacles of monotony. Sure, you could go and forge your own Katana folding the steel over and over again in just the precise fashion necessary, or you can go to Hatori Hanzo and get one masterly crafted for you. It’s great to know that your developers are focusing on the things that make a given project unique instead of the things that they all share. Automation also means increasing code quality and throughput. Remember the time it took to set up, and then maintain, hosting for each project before you switched to Pantheon?

Secondly, they DEMYSTIFY seemingly awesome and sometimes supernatural appearing “advanced tech” to something more accessible to novice or intermediate devs. No one really needs to know the advanced physics and mathematics required for flight to board a plane and fly across the country, and it sure beats jumping off tall towers with homemade wings strapped to your arms. Making advanced technology accessible provides a nice on-ramp for developers to get exposure to more advanced topics, without feeling overwhelmed with the fear of doing it wrong.  More importantly, it brings powerful tech and hard-to-set-up best practices easily to their fingertips. Remember reading obtuse key management documentation to encrypt data and secure your APIs before you switched to Lockr?

Thirdly, robots and automation MAKE YOU LOOK AWESOME! When somebody asks how you keep your home so nice and tidy, do you want to point at the broom in the corner or the ROBOT BUTLER that does it for you? Don’t underestimate the legitimacy and savvy that can be implicitly communicated by the tools you use. The tools you use are a showcase of your ability to focus on the real work and skills necessary.  Remember the look a recruiter gave you when you admitted you used WAMPSERVER instead of Kalabox?

The Panlockrbox Megazord

Awesome tools like Pantheon, Lockr, and Kalabox are important for the modern developer or digital agency to be able to push quality code to production both quickly and often, but there is actually something even better on the horizon.

Lockr brought easy key management and security best practices to the masses but it really stands out when it’s used in conjunction with Pantheon, by using internal Pantheon authentication to sync to Lockr without any additional setup. It also knows which Pantheon environment you’re in to keep dev and live separate, and eliminate the need to change configuration when switching between Dev and Live.

Kalabox pioneered easy, fast, and advanced local development environments but really shines when it connects seamlessly with Pantheon, effectively extending the Pantheon Dev/Test/Live workflow, environments, and tools to your local machine.

As things like Lockr, Pantheon, and Kalabox become more advanced, more flexible, and more aware of each other, we start to enter into Power Rangers territory, where tools can seamlessly integrate into the Development Megazord of our dreams.

To that end: a few weeks ago Kalabox pushed official Lockr support to its Pantheon integration; effectively binding three amazing tools together into one seamless experience: the Panlockrbox Megazord.

Are you a user of Pantheon? Then we recommend you use Lockr and Kalabox.

Are you a user of Kalabox? Then we recommend you use Pantheon and Lockr.

Are you a user of Lockr? Then we recommend you use Kalabox and Pantheon.

Everything just works.

As it should.

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