Your Productivity

Free up over 50 hours a month with automatic updates. Automatically detect and apply new updates for your site’s core CMS, plugins, and themes in minutes with confidence. Set desired frequency, type, and destination of updates with ease to complete automated tasks quickly for you to deliver higher value to your customers.

Visually Test Results

Intelligently detect visual and content changes through visual regression testing tools to compare and ensure optimal website functionality and excellent user experience.


Put CMS Updates on Cruise Control with Autopilot

Autopilot on Pantheon will automatically detect when new updates are available, perform the updates in an isolated Multidev environment, test the updates with automated visual regression testing, and deploy the updates in an effort to save time for users.

Focus on Innovation, Instead of Maintenance

How much time is your team spending on manual website updates and testing? See how much easier website maintenance can be when you use Pantheon Autopilot.

Productivity Statistics

With statistics on productivity, including number of hours your team has saved, total core and plugin updates applied, and total sites in your Workspace using Autopilot, instantly understand the value and impact Autopilot has on your organization and clients.

Autopilot Benefits

Manage innovation instead of maintenance

Automate Developer Efficiency

Streamline the web operations process for updates with pre-configured automation and desired frequency from detection to deployment.

Open Source CMS as a Service

Expertly configured open source stack to ensure the best possible performance, stability, and security. Focus on sites, not servers, and retain all the control that comes with owning your code.

Optimize for Experience

Leverage with certainty open source tooling available to organizations and bring increased value to your website, your teams, and your customers.

Maintenance risk and toil is probably the single biggest impediment to open source CMS, the opportunity to apply machine learning capabilities and AI-driven testing to updating your core CMS, plugins, and themes allow for an improved level of scaled web performance.
Josh Koenig , Head of Product & Co-Founder

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Manage CMS updates with ease

Automated Update Detection

Identify critical core WordPress and Drupal CMS releases for updates on features, compliance, security, plugins, and themes.

Update Core CMS Upstreams

Update WordPress and Drupal CMS and its public/free modules + plugins, and themes.

Hands-off Visual Regression Testing

Confidently approve updates and ensure site integrity with exacting multiple environment testing.

Pre-Configured Workflows

Enable Autopilot on your site in a single click (really!) and get the equivalent of hours of manual QA work each month.

Scheduled Updates or On-Demand

Stay up-to-date with the confidence for on-demand, daily, weekly, or monthly updates to keep you compliant, secure, and efficient.

Performance Testing

Improve the QA process and automatically test the performance of CMS updates, plugins, and themes in a multidev environment.

Triggered Notifications

Automatically receive alerts through the Pantheon dashboard, email, mobile, or platform of your choice through Quicksilver Hooks.

Activity Reporting

Utilize reporting to see an accurate account of what was updated, when and detailed screenshots of the activity.

Focus Your Resources on Growth

Confidently adopt open-source CMS and redeploy your resources for growth today.
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