5 Ways to Be More Productive with Pantheon's Autopilot

Webinar Length: 46 Minutes
  • How to turbo-boost activity through automated efficiency and automate security with updates
  • The ability to intelligently detect visual and content changes through visual regression testing tools
  • Ways to stay online, while staying up-to-date and well-tested
  • How to focus on innovation with improved efficiencies and reduced costs 


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About This Event

Looking to ramp up your web team’s productivity when it comes to time-consuming tasks like updating your CMS? Then Pantheon’s Autopilot is the solution for you. In this webinar, we’ll highlight how utilizing Autopilot frees up developers’ time from focusing on maintenance to innovating and building awesome site features and content. 

Join Luke Probasco, Product Marketing Manager, and Dennis Corbran, Customer Success Manager, to learn how Autopilot accelerates productivity. After this webinar, you’ll understand how Autopilot brings new levels of automation to website management, security, AND how to configure the tool in your environment with a live demo. 


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Luke Probasco Headshot

Luke Probasco

Product Marketing Manager


Dennis Corbran Headshot

Dennis Corbran

Customer Success Manager

5 Ways to Be More Productive with Pantheon's Autopilot

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