Automating Site Updates: Give Customers More While You Do Less

Webinar Length: 55 Minutes
  • How to save 30 min/site/month on site maintenance
  • How channel partners can proactively approach site maintenance and security
  • Billable hours, product/pricing strategy, etc.
  • Using Visual Regression Testing (VRT) to intelligently detect site changes
  • Setting up and configuring Pantheon’s Autopilot


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About This Event

As a Pantheon Channel customer managing a portfolio of sites, you are undoubtedly spending several hours a month dealing with on-site maintenance. Sites with out-of-date code do not have the most recent security updates and performance optimizations. As a result, they are less stable, less secure, and at greater risk of experiencing downtime.

Discover how Autopilot, included in all Gold+ accounts, allows partners to focus on innovation, rather than site maintenance.


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Luke Probasco Headshot

Luke Probasco

Product Marketing Manager


Chris Teitzel Headshot

Chris Teitzel

Founder & CEO
Cellar Door Media

Automating Site Updates: Give Customers More While You Do Less

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