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Do WordPress. Better.

Pantheon gives you WordPress power you can't get any other way.

Pantheon is WordPress at Warp Speed

Speed matters. Both in terms of how your live sites perform, and how your teams perform. Pantheon is the leader at both: With WebOps, teams on Pantheon can easily collaborate to develop, test, and release website changes quickly and reliably, knowing sites will remain stable and secure — even during the biggest traffic spikes.

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Join Us to Learn How to Drive Innovation and New Business with Your Website

WordPress is one of the leading open source CMS that large organizations like Home Depot, Pernod Ricard, and The New York Times are using to create extraordinary digital experiences. Join us to learn how your organization can leverage WordPress to securely build, manage, and scale your website. 

Pantheon is for Marketers, Developers, and IT Pros


Create the next big thing—yourself.

Use WordPress to create landing pages or whole new web experiences without tethering to Dev or IT. Whatever you push live stays stable and blazing fast so your sites rank higher and your visitors are happier.


Do the innovative work you were born to do

Quickly customize WordPress to be the self-serve marketer’s dream so you can focus on the cool stuff that really moves the needle on web, mobile, or even JavaScript front end sites. All from WordPress.

IT Professionals

Let web teams own the website without giving up control or opening the enterprise to risk.

It’s ok to let go. Pantheon’s single-pane-of-glass control over all your org’s sites, automation, and open-source economies lets you serve customers better than ever while maintaining governance, security, and controlling costs.

Unlock Speed & Control with WebOps

Eighty percent (yes, 80%!) of marketers say they can’t get a content change made in less than a week—if not a month or more. Addressing your team's output is just half the battle because moving quickly is no good if you can’t do it safely. With Pantheon and WebOps, cross-functional web teams gain both speed and control.

When teams can work without friction or fear of breaking anything, something magical happens. We call that velocity, powered by WebOps.

WordPress Beyond the Website

Want to build a JavaScript Front-End Site or push content to mobile apps? You can love WordPress and never leave it because on Pantheon, you can pair WordPress with Next.js, Gastby, or another front end. Use the CMS you love and get your content to more places. 

Leverage the huge marketplace of open source WordPress plugins and local talent to customize WordPress the way that works for your enterprise.

When you run WordPress on Pantheon, you’ll be running your flavor of WordPress—with all its customizations—no matter how many sites and environments you're running.


Without Pantheon’s efficient development environment, we would need to grow our development team by 50% to accomplish the same amount of work.
Govinda Kudva , Director of Digital & Content Marketing

WordPress on Pantheon is WordPress. Just Better.

Almost 50% of all websites on the Internet are built on WordPress. Your teams would prefer to be using WordPress for its superior editing experience, ease of customization, and massive community of developers, IT pros, and marketers who know it best. By combining Pantheon's WebOps expertise and enterprise capabilities with WordPress, your teams can unlock true agility and empower their work like never before.


Run Your Sites on the Fastest Hosting Platform on the Planet Unrivaled speed, uptime, and scalability make Pantheon’s high-performance platform the best place for WordPress hosting.


Pantheon brings WebOps to WordPress—the best dev tools and automation so teams can get way more done. With better automatic updates, performance monitoring and agile workflows than WordPress can provide, Pantheon makes this open-source CMS even more powerful.


Pantheon brings enterprise-grade security and performance so teams can build fast and secure WordPress sites quickly and easily. Build, manage, and scale your websites across all of your domains and brands and say goodbye to security concerns, server maintenance, and certificate updates.


Pantheon efficiently scales to millions of pageviews without compromising performance, or requiring any manual intervention. Pantheon provides bullet-proof enterprise grade performance to WordPress sites.


Pantheon Global CDN and Edge delivers optimized, customized, sub-second page loads around the world. Pantheon's Experience Protection ensures all visits are smooth—if a page is not responding, Pantheon automatically displays a cached version.


With plugin updates alone, Pantheon customers save on average 50 hours a month using Autopilot, which automatically detects and applies updates for WordPress themes and extensions, then runs automated regression tests and lets you know when an update is safe to push live.


Extend WordPress with the latest JavaScript frameworks. Pantheon simplifies decoupled/headless projects with proven WebOps tools for Next.js, Gatsby and WordPress. All with seamless Pantheon ease-of-management and integrated control.


Lightning-fast Support is there whenever you need it, but Pantheon’s advanced infrastructure eliminates many of the types of hiccups you’d find on other platforms. We’re here and happy to help you with WordPress questions, or whatever you need to get the most out of Pantheon.

A year ago, the marketing team was concerned about our websites’ underlying technology, but that’s no longer the case… [Pantheon] helps everyone work together to focus on what’s important, like improving business scalability.
Sree Balakrishnan , Technology Director - Innovation and Products