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The latest WebOps productivity innovations to help you launch fast, automate work, and deliver engaging visitor experiences.

New Starter Kit for Front-End Sites

With the latest enhancements to Front-End Sites, our decoupled, headless CMS offering for delivering fast, responsive, omnichannel content, we’ve further streamlined workflows and simplified publishing cycles. The new Next.js WordPress starter kit brings substantial improvement to initial startup times for builds and scripts, Stable URLs ensure links stay the same with each build, and Upstreams for Front-End Sites allow users to create new sites from existing starting states that they have set up in their workspace. And with a new central dashboard, Front-End Sites is cleaner and easier  to use than ever. 

Edge & Security

Introducing Security Starter and Image Optimization (IO) Starter

Pantheon’s new Edge offerings include two low-cost starter options, Security Starter and IO Starter, that bring Pantheon’s renowned network edge security and performance to all websites. Customers can now get enterprise-grade security with our CMS-tuned, enterprise-grade web application firewall (WAF) and fast image rendering with our image optimization (IO) tool at an affordable price.


New Ebook

Bridge the Divide Between Marketing & IT

Learn how marketing and IT leaders collaborate, navigate website ownership struggles, their motivation to improve site agility, and how WebOps can help.

Key Product Updates


It’s easier than ever for enterprises to take advantage of Autopilot, Pantheon’s productivity tool for automated updates and environment syncing. An enhanced dashboard makes it simpler to see what needs to be done across a large portfolio of sites, and bulk actions enable the application of any action to all or selected sites with just a few clicks.

Platform Optimization

Pantheon continues to optimize the integrity, performance, and scalability of its cloud-native, open-source CMS infrastructure with faster automated backups and IP reputation improvements that protect against email spammers and bots.

Improved SSH Authentication

Pantheon has enhanced SSH Authentication to make connections faster and more reliable, resolving issues which may have affected customers with large web development teams working simultaneously. Connections are now up to 10x faster than before.


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Pantheon’s best-in-class governance, security, and collaboration tools put digital teams of all sizes back in control of increasing their performance and securely managing experiences across multiple platforms with ease.

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