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What’s New at Pantheon

The latest web team productivity innovations to help you launch fast, automate work, and deliver engaging visitor experiences.

Accelerate Your Digital Project with a Trusted Partner

From customer journey mapping to martech integration, SEO and site performance optimization, and omnichannel digital commerce, a digital partner can help unlock the full value of the Pantheon platform, and build immersive digital experiences for your audiences.

Key Product Updates

Agency Match Program and New Directory

The right digital partner can maximize the value of Pantheon, and build immersive digital experiences for your audiences. With the Agency Match Program, we evaluate your requirements and suggest a small group of partners to ultimately match you with the trusted partner best suited to help you accelerate your digital strategy. We also have a brand new partner directory.

Multidev Access Update

Mutidev unblocks web teams to move fast and deploy with confidence by providing consistent, on-demand, fully functional development instances of their sites in the cloud. Customers with Gold, Platinum, or Diamond accounts now have Multidev access automatically extended to contractors and agencies, to accelerate innovation and streamline maintenance.

Support Center and Workspace Billing

Pantheon now has simplified, dedicated locations within the dashboard for placing support requests and performing account management. Using the Support Center, quickly view your options and connect to our legendary support team. Access simplified account management including, maintenance of subscriptions and invoices, in the Billing Center.

Search for Drupal 9

To empower your visitors to quickly find the content they want, we bundle Apache Solr™ search directly into the platform. Pantheon now supports Search on the latest versions of WordPress and Drupal bringing our modernized cloud architecture together with best-of-breed tools.


Design For Autonomy

Launch When You're Ready

Elevate the core of your martech, enable teams to collaborate effectively, and launch at the speed required to scale to new heights.

Automate Tedious Tasks

Streamline the process of routine workflows to deliver innovative experiences.

Deploy With Confidence

Build compelling online experiences that encourage your customers to align themselves with you.


Secure & Performant By Design

Pantheon puts large and small digital teams in control of increasing their performance and includes governance, security, and collaboration tools — making it easy to securely manage experiences across multiple teams, all in one platform.

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