What’s New at Pantheon

The latest WebOps productivity innovations to help you launch fast, automate work, and deliver engaging visitor experiences.

Front-End Sites

Pantheon now natively runs modern front-end frameworks that use Static Site Generation and Server-side Rendering of Node.js to deliver the best possible user experience with a decoupled architecture. Teams with Early Access to Front-End Sites can connect to GitHub to manage sites built with frameworks like Gatsby and Next.js. Easily pull in content from WordPress and Drupal instances running under one Pantheon roof.

Manage Your Website from the New Dashboard

Pantheon is passionate about continually enhancing user’s experience by delivering the best web management software on the market. We’re excited to announce all users will be transitioned by default to the newly redesigned Dashboard by September 30, 2022. 

New Ebook

Bridge the Divide Between Marketing & IT

Learn how marketing and IT leaders collaborate, navigate website ownership struggles, their motivation to improve site agility, and how WebOps can help.

Key Product Updates

Autopilot Environment Syncing

Environment Syncing (also known as “Clone Live to Dev”) is a new opt-in feature for Autopilot allowing customers to sync their environments before Autopilot schedules and applies updates. Using Environment Syncing will sync your Live environment to Dev before Autopilot runs.

TLS 1.3 Encryption & Security

Pantheon's Global CDN now includes the latest version of Transport Layer Security, TLS 1.3. TLS 1.3 makes the connection faster and more secure between the devices people use to browse the Internet and the infrastructure serving websites.

Site Portfolio Report

For customers managing large site portfolios, understanding how individual sites contribute to overall cost can be a challenge. The new Site Portfolio Report makes understanding Pantheon invoices easy, effortless and efficient so that Contract customers can optimize performance-related spending per site. The report is available to select customers beginning with the August billing cycle, and will appear as a link on the monthly invoice. We will expand Site Portfolio Report to most customers through the end of 2022.


Designed for Productivity

Launch When You're Ready

Exceed your brand and demand generation goals by keeping your web presence fresh, consistent, and up to date.

Automate Tedious Tasks

Boost your brand by building your web strategy with a single, best-in-class, SaaS platform.

Deploy With Confidence

Sustain a web presence that’s enterprise-grade secure, without sacrificing speed or agility.


Secure & Performant By Design

Pantheon’s best-in-class governance, security, and collaboration tools put digital teams of all sizes back in control of increasing their performance and securely managing experiences across multiple platforms with ease.

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