What’s New at Pantheon

Pantheon’s latest WebOps productivity innovations to help you launch fast, automate work, and deliver engaging visitor experiences.

Key Pantheon Product Updates

Front-End Sites UX Improvements

Take the complexity and guesswork out of decoupling your CMS on Pantheon. Recent enhancements to Front-End Sites deliver key CMS functionality, accelerate time to value for new users, and improve the development and editorial experiences.


Your one-stop training hub to learn about the Pantheon platform through self-paced courses and virtual instructor-led training. Enterprises will find everything they need to know to create, launch, and manage their sites on Pantheon. Courses are available any time, anywhere with Pantheon Learning.

Pantheon Dashboard Updates

Enterprise Billing Center

No more fumbling through emails or calling customer service to access important billing information! Now invoices and Site Portfolio Reports will come right to your Pantheon dashboard via the new Enterprise Billing Center. Available to all standard-billing contract customers and special-term GCP customers, the Enterprise Billing Center provides detailed invoice reporting along with data visualizations showing how each website contributes to overall cost.

Autopilot Enhancements

Many Autopilot users have voiced that they want to have more flexibility to perform additional testing, share Multidev updates for stakeholders reviews, or wait to merge updates until a specific time of day. All this is now possible with the latest Autopilot enhancements.

Site Listing Performance

Pantheon continues to improve Dashboard usability and performance to streamline website operations for small businesses to large enterprises. With this latest release, the Site listing page loads 66% faster for customers managing large portfolios of 1,000 websites or more.

Pantheon Platform Updates

Drupal 10 Support

Pantheon’s support for the latest version of Drupal, one of the most popular open source CMS frameworks for the enterprise, is unwavering. With Drupal 10, customers are finding success by leveraging the newest features directly through the Pantheon dashboard. It has never been easier to create new sites or upgrade existing sites on the Pantheon platform.

PHP 8.2 Support

Pantheon continues to support the latest version of PHP. Since its release in December, 2022, developers have been able to leverage the new features found in PHP 8.2. Using the latest PHP version is suggested to maximize site security, in addition to the latest syntax and execution upgrades.

Pantheon Discontinues Support for LocalDev

End of Life Date: June 30, 2023

We are making this change because in the years since we introduced LocalDev, a number of similar, more fully-featured options have become available to developers, allowing offline development and code editing.

We are discontinuing LocalDev and providing guides and tools for customers to transition from Pantheon LocalDev to one of the many third-party solutions available.

Pantheon is Designed for Productivity

Launch When You're Ready

Exceed your brand and demand generation goals by keeping your web presence fresh, consistent, and up to date.

Automate Tedious Tasks

Boost your brand by building your web strategy with a single, best-in-class, SaaS platform.

Deploy With Confidence

Sustain a web presence that’s enterprise-grade secure, without sacrificing speed or agility.

Secure & Performant By Design

Pantheon’s best-in-class governance, security, and collaboration tools put digital teams of all sizes back in control of increasing their performance and securely managing experiences across multiple platforms with ease.