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Pantheon provides the best hosting solutions for clients and the best tools for agency teams.




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Pantheon empowers agency professionals to build better, faster websites.

From freelancers to the world’s largest digital agencies, top professionals invest in Pantheon for success. Want to attract bigger projects? Need to manage growing teams? Leverage a website operations platform that makes building, launching, and running multiple sites a breeze.


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Cloud hosting
High-Performance Hosting

Give your clients best-in-class Pantheon web hosting that checks all of your boxes as a technical lead.

Why Pantheon

How Does Pantheon Help Agencies Quickly Build Websites for Maximum Impact?

  • Run your websites on one clean, smooth-scaling platform from day one.
  • Offload infrastructure management to a service, not a person.
  • Simplify billing to make site ownership transfers to clients a breeze.
  • Get trusted advice 24/7 from experts in performance tuning, rapid scaling, and website security.


Partner with Pantheon

The WebOps Platform for Digital Agencies

Build rock-solid Drupal and WordPress sites on a platform designed for agency teams.

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High-Performance Hosting

Build best-in-class Drupal and WordPress sites with scalable infrastructure and a lightning-fast content delivery network.

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A Platform Tech Leads Love

Run sites on a platform that scales with your agency. Don’t settle for less than best-in-class WebOps tools that check all of your boxes.

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Pro Dev Tools for Teams

Supercharge your web development team with the tools they need to keep projects on time.

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Underneath the hood, Pantheon has—and continues to add—a ton of tools that give the platform incredible value for agencies.

Pantheon Agency Resources


The State of the Agency

Read Pantheon’s State of the Agency Report to better understand the unique set of motivations, challenges, and business practices of small agencies.

Case Study

Covenant Finds a Winning Retail Strategy for Tabletop Games with WooCommerce on Pantheon

On Pantheon, Covenant traded weeks of downtime and stressful updates for a constantly evolving site with world-class tech support.

Case Study

Adaptive Reduced Security Management Overhead by Nearly 96% with Pantheon’s Tools

Learn why a Drupal agency switched over from Cloudflare and AWS WAF to Pantheon’s AGCDN.