Pantheon Advanced Global CDN Datasheet

Empower teams to manage their own sites, drive growth through iteration, calibrate control over branding, and implement enterprise-grade security.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Advanced Global CDN enhances website management, enabling iterative testing, WebOps, and agile marketing.
  • Domain masking's crucial role for teams to manage sites independently without SEO loss.
  • The power of geolocation blocking and IP allow/blocklisting to offer unprecedented control over brand messaging.
  • About Pantheon's Professional Services team to ensure seamless Advanced Global CDN setup, maintenance, and support.
  • About the edge-based security of the Advanced Global CDN for brand control, including a robust web application firewall (WAF).

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About This Datasheet

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Explore the capabilities of Pantheon's Advanced Global CDN, designed to optimize website management and growth. Understand the platform's emphasis on iterative testing, WebOps, and agile marketing. Discover the importance of domain masking, geolocation-based controls, and edge-based security features. Learn about the comprehensive support provided by Pantheon's Professional Services team. Recognize the core features, including domain masking, WAF, image optimization, and rate limiting, that enhance website performance and security.


Pantheon Advanced Global CDN datasheet


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Pantheon Advanced Global CDN Datasheet

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