Global Regions for All Customers

Pantheon has data center locations in Canada, Australia, and the European Union—with more on the way!

Meet Data Residency Needs

Pantheon’s global data center locations allow our customers to launch websites with the guarantee that their site data will reside in the region they select.

Achieve Maximum Performance

In addition to Pantheon’s Advanced Global CDN with full-page caching for anonymous traffic, our global data center locations unlock novel use cases for localized site performance. If your website needs to deliver authenticated traffic to localized end-users or makes heavy use of APIs located in a specific region, our global data centers will reduce latency and improve overall performance.


We’ve observed performance improvements of 200ms per request or more for end-users in Australia. That’s almost 9x faster time to first byte!


For Europe-based end-users, we’ve also seen performance improvements of 100ms or more per request, which is 4x faster time to first byte!

Free for All Customers

Spin up a free sandbox site in minutes and select a region when creating your website. 


New global regions are available on demand. If you have a specific request, please let us know.

New Regions on Demand

We are continuing to open new regions on a regular basis. If you have a specific request, please let us know.