Pantheon supports NextJS and Gatsby alongside WordPress and Drupal
Headless CMS

Front End Sites

Use the latest JavaScript frameworks with the Open Source CMS you trust. Pantheon simplifies decoupled projects with proven WebOps tools for Next.js and Gatsby, along with WordPress and Drupal

Pantheon Now Supports JavaScript Sites

With front-end frameworks on Pantheon, teams deliver faster, more responsive and more secure digital experiences across channels. Front- and back-end developers can do their best work with the WebOps tools they know and love.

Deliver the Best User Experience

Build a better user experience, and get results, without relying solely on your CMS, or visitors' browser. We’ve de-risked the evolution from monolithic to decoupled sites by fully managing deployment, routing, and scalability of both back-end and front-end resources, so you can focus on outcomes, n

Accelerate Collaboration & Eliminate Bottlenecks

Pair Next.js and Gatsby frameworks with Drupal or WordPress to deliver the user experience and resiliency benefits of a decoupled architecture in one trusted platform.

Enhance Site Security & Resilience

By disentangling the front-end interface from the back-end CMS, web requests hit the CDN and not your application, instantly multiplying scalability and resilience. Add Advanced Global CDN for even more cutting edge capabilities.

Less Guesswork, Less Stress

With Pantheon handling the routing and scaling of your back-end CMS and the front-end framework you can focus on outcomes, not implementation details.

Dynamic and Static Frameworks

Use server-side rendering and static-site generation with modern front-end frameworks alongside your WordPress or Drupal Site. Seamlessly deploy headless WordPress or Drupal alongside a modern front-end framework. With Next.js or Gatsby frameworks and open source CMS platforms at your disposal, you get the user experience and resiliency benefits of a decoupled architecture in a single trusted platform.


Pantheon Headless Frameworks Graphic

Pantheon is Your Trusted Partner for Decoupled CMS Experiences

Granular Edge Caching

Ensure that visitors get the fastest possible experience by caching server-side rendered JavaScript in our Global CDN. When content changes, use Pantheon’s Advanced Page Cache to clear only the right pages from the edge and preserve your efficiency and SEO.


Putting your front-end site on Pantheon eliminates the guesswork from configuring and automating how data is sourced from your CMS.

GitHub Integration

Manage changes to your code with pull requests on GitHub, and implement continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD). Every pull request generates a new environment where your code can be previewed and approved in isolation.

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The beauty of decoupled applications is that they are fast, stable, scalable, and secure, which helps to create a better user experience and a better experience builds trust in the brand.
Molly Duggan, CEO at Molly Duggan

Pantheon's trusted network of agencies can take your decoupled project to the next level

Decoupled CMS Resources

Technical Documentation

Dig into the details of Pantheon's decoupled architecture; site creation directions, explore starter kits, understand how Pantheon supports decoupled experiences, and much more.

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See Front-End Sites in Action

Get an exclusive first look at Pantheon Front-End Sites in this live demo with Pantheon Agency Partner Molly Duggan Associates.

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Decoupled Blogs

From customer stories around building blazing fast decoupled sites and delivering purpose decoupled experiences, to top benefits Decoupled can bring to your entire web team, the Pantheon blog covers all aspects of the Decoupled experience.

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Decoupled architectures give us more freedom and flexibility to build robust websites with better integrations and to deliver better customer experiences.
John Doyle, CEO of Digital Polygon