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Decoupled CMS

Level up user experience, resilience, and results with front-end frameworks and a headless open source CMS on a single platform


Our headless CMS approach empowers teams to accelerate collaboration and deliver results by uniting front- and back-end developers on a single platform. Offer content editors and visitors a superior user experience and enjoy the added security and resilience inherent in our decoupled CMS architecture.

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Deliver the Best User Experience

Build a better user experience, and get results, without relying solely on your CMS, or visitors' browser. We’ve de-risked the evolution from monolithic to decoupled sites by fully managing deployment, routing, and scalability of both back-end and front-end resources, so you can focus on outcomes, not implementation details.


Accelerate Collaboration & Eliminate Bottlenecks

Let your front and back-end developers coordinate work across JavaScript and PHP without stepping on each other's toes. With our headless CMS solutions, content editors get proven content management systems, and front-end developers get the frameworks they want.

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Enhance Site Security & Resilience

By disentangling the front-end interface from the back-end CMS, web requests hit the CDN and not your application, instantly multiplying scalability and resilience. When combined with Advanced Global CDN, Decoupled Bridge can further restrict who can access your site.

Two Ways to Decouple

With both of our offerings, Decoupled Bridge and Edge Sites, we run the routing and scaling of your back-end CMS and the front-end framework. You can focus on outcomes, not implementation details.

Decoupled Bridge (Early Access)

Use server-side rendering of modern front-end frameworks in Node.js alongside your WordPress or Drupal Site

Seamlessly deploy headless WordPress or Drupal in sync with a modern front-end framework. With Decoupled Bridge, Pantheon manages the deployment and routing of traffic between your CMS and server-side rendering of your React or Vue.js components in Node.js. With the best front-end frameworks and open source CMS platforms at your disposal, you get the user experience and resiliency benefits of a decoupled architecture in a single trusted platform.

Iterative Adoption

Avoid the never-ending relaunch by adding Decoupled Bridge to an existing WordPress or Drupal site. Switch to a modern front-end framework one page at a time.

Granular Edge Caching

Ensure that visitors get the fastest possible experience by caching server-side rendered JavaScript in our Global CDN. When content changes, use Pantheon Advanced Page Cache to clear only the right pages from the edge and preserve your efficiency and SEO.

Synchronized Deployment Pipeline

Focus on the features you're building instead of how you'll launch them. Deploying changes to your back-end CMS and front-end framework simultaneously using a single platform, and benefit from consolidated workflows with zero application switching.

Edge Sites (Coming in 2022)

Static sites powered by WordPress or Drupal served entirely from the edge

Benefit from the speed and security that comes with running your site entirely on a CDN. With Pantheon's Edge Sites, we run the build process for Node.js-based static site generators and deploy the result to the edge of our industry-leading Global CDN. By populating your static site with content from a Pantheon WordPress or Drupal site you give everyone on your team the tools they need in a single platform.



Putting your front-end site on Pantheon eliminates the guesswork from configuring and automating how data is sourced from your CMS.

Unified Dashboard

Manage your static front-end sites on the same dashboard you use for your back-end WordPress and Drupal sites.

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GitHub Integration

Manage changes to your code with pull requests on GitHub, and implement continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD). Every pull request generates a new environment where your code can be previewed and approved in isolation.

Pantheon Decoupled Bridge Early Access

Please tell us about your interest in decoupling and we'll be in touch if your project is a good fit at this time.