WordPress Security Plugins: Top 5 Comparisons and Reviews

WordPress security plugins are one of the easiest ways to improve security on a WordPress site. Many plugins can solve important vulnerabilities or harden aspects of your WordPress site that are prone to manipulation by hackers. Because there is a large selection of security plugins for WordPress, we collected several online resources that provide more information about the major plugins, what they do and how they compare. Check them out below!

Keep in mind that no security plugin is a replacement for a real understanding of WordPress security risks and common sense best practices—see our post on WordPress Security Best Practices. Pantheon does not endorse any of the plugins mentioned on the posts linked below—please use your own discretion or consult a professional WordPress developer when reviewing and testing security plugins.

Learn how to achieve secure WordPress hosting with Pantheon.

Hardening WordPress Security: 25 Essential Plugins + Tips

If you are running a WordPress-powered website, its security should be your primary concern. In most cases, WordPress blogs are compromised because their core files and/or plugin are outdated; outdated files are traceable and it's an open invitation to hackers.

One Best Security Plugin For WordPress or a Combination?

In-depth review of security architecture on WordPress, with an interactive chart comparing security plugins and features.

Top 20 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Check out these Top 20 WordPress Security Plugins to secure your blog from hackers. The list contains plugins for access control, limit logins, spam protection, content theft protection, backup tools, password encryption, email protection, firewall, antivirus and much more.

7 Top Premium and Freemium WordPress Backup Plugins Reviewed

Backing up your WordPress site is essential. Without it, you run the risk of losing all of your hard work if something goes wrong. If your hosting provider loses your data, your site is hacked or you simply want to roll back to an earlier version of your site, keeping regular backups will save you a lot of work - and a lot of stress.

What You May Not Know about WordPress Security Plugins

When it comes to securing your WordPress install with a security plugin, it can be tempting to enable every feature of the plugin to harden your site. If you start enabling features blindly, you can end up bringing your site to a halt.

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