WooSesh: Free Two-Day Online WooCommerce Conference

WooSesh is a two-day online conference organized by Brian Richards & Patrick Rauland, that includes topics focused on WooCommerce, the mostly widely used WordPress eCommerce plugin. The great thing about online conferences is that you can watch them from anywhere, and if you have to miss a session or two, you can always watch the recordings later on.

Back in July, I had the privilege of speaking at WordSesh, a one-day online conference focused around all things WordPress organized by Brian Richards. The event was filled with remarkable content and qualified speakers. I expect the same great quality from WooSesh.  

WooSesh 2018

The Awesome Lineup

It’s very clear that Brian & Patrick are passionate about organizing a successful event in the speakers they chose. The lineup is full of knowledgeable members of the WordPress & WooCommerce community. Take a look at the full speaker and topic list below: 

Why I’m Excited

WooSesh is an accessible event, with great speakers and it costs $0. I am looking forward to so many of the sessions in the lineup, actually, they all sound great. Which sessions are you most excited about attending? Let us know in the comments or reply to us @getpantheon.

Register for WooSesh here. 


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