WebOps, Now More Than Ever

With COVID-19 upending life around the world, web professionals are under increased pressure to deliver. Multiple sources (including our own) show that web traffic is up significantly, and many organizations are scrambling to figure out their response. As a WebOps company serving those who “make the internet,” we’re dedicated to solving these problems with you. 

This time of social distancing requires a robust and up-to-date online presence. As leaders look ahead to the future, the status quo from six weeks ago feels unacceptable and the value of WebOps becomes clear. Teams must be efficient and productive; projects need to move forward with pace. To achieve this, the people accountable for the results need to be in control of the technology.

This shift is mission critical for crisis communications efforts (which we happily support free of charge), but the need is far more broad. Some industries are effectively on hiatus, challenged to stay viable and visible until things turn around. Many more are rapidly reconfiguring to survive and thrive in a remote-only world. These events are accelerating a number of long-running trends that drive the adoption of WebOps:

  • It used to be an annoying fact of life that your web presence was a little stale, but that’s no longer the case. An outdated website now feels like a burning platform

  • More workload is moving to the cloud, particularly to higher-level services as the need for efficiency intensifies. Everyone is winding down legacy DIY infrastructure

  • Whole industries are figuring out how to collaborate and work effectively without sharing physical space. While tech has a head start, a lot of organizations are surprisingly tethered to in-person interactions for reviews and approvals. 

Those feeling pressure to get your website moving, to sunset a legacy platform, to figure out how to cope with a newly distributed workflow, or with some combination of the above, know you’re not alone. 

Your Website is Your Most Valuable Digital Asset

For most causes, campaigns, and commercial entities, a website is the most valuable digital asset. It’s where paid advertising points, customer’s searches land, and primary email or social media “calls to action” drive. For successful organizations, the website is a lynchpin of their digital strategies.

But this isn’t the common case. Our research suggests that over half of all businesses still struggle to publish content in real-time. That’s appalling, considering the wide availability of high quality open source tools for content; ironically, a lot of corporate environments still lag in adoption. What’s more, fewer than one-in-five companies report the ability to make even minor design changes to their website faster than once a quarter. More than half feel trapped for years, until their next relaunch.

WebOps is all about giving you the credibility you need to be creative with the web: in control of your roadmap, communicating in real time, and making constant, iterative progress on an incredible end user experience. This is a key practice for actually putting the web to work by treating it as a true digital product. We’re here to help.

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