Vote for the DrupalCon New Orleans Community Keynote

I attended my first DrupalCon back in 2005 and have been back every year since. While a lot has changed about DrupalCon in the last decade, the vibrancy of the community has remained consistently strong. Each conference is a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends—both old and new—and share ideas about the future of the Drupal project.

It is in that spirit of sharing that I am honored—along with Greg Dunlap and Michael Schmid—to be selected as a finalist for the DrupalCon community keynote. For those not at DrupalCon Barcelona where this idea was introduced, the community keynote is a chance for members of the Drupal community to share their experiences to a conference-wide audience.

In my case, I am proposing a community keynote titled “Lessons Learned Building Internet Era Communities: From Open Source Projects to US Presidential Campaigns” sharing lessons I learned working with Drupal as part of Howard Dean’s game-changing presidential campaign (and the CivicSpace that was created afterwards to help nonprofits use Drupal), in the bicycling industry through San Francisco-based Mission Bicycle, and now running the website management platform Pantheon.

As you might expect, the community keynotes are chosen by the community through a voting process on the DrupalCon website. To check out my proposed keynote, as well as Greg’s “Stay For The Community” and Michael’s “Your brain health is more important than your standing desk”, visit the DrupalCon Community Keynotes Page and cast your vote or votes (you can vote for as many as you like).

See you all at DrupalCon in New Orleans this May!

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