[VIDEO] Bringing Drupal Site Updates with Composer to the Masses

Last month in Vienna, people from all over the world came together to learn, share and collaborate at DrupalCon Europe. One of the interesting topics of conversation this year was the question of how to make Composer approachable for a wider base of users. The first stable release of Drupal 8 was nearly two years ago; in that time, it has become easier to use Composer with Drupal from the command line. However, there are still many users who are still avoiding Composer, and opting instead to continue to use the Drupal admin interface or Drush command such as pm-download and pm-update to install and update contrib modules.

In the community sprint following the official DrupalCon event, I had the opportunity to join Ryan Aslett in a video where we discussed the plan to improve the user experience of updating Drupal sites with Composer. Check out the video for our thoughts on this topic:

Many thanks to Chandeep Khosa for arranging and filming this interview, and for granting permission to share the video here on Pantheon. A full transcript is also available on Chandeep’s blog.

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