Using WalkMe to Navigate Pantheon

Last week we added WalkMe, the Enterprise Guidance and Engagement Platform, to the Pantheon dashboard. WalkMe's immediate benefit for experienced Pantheon users is a quicker route to documentation. To see it in action, go to Click on the widget, enter your query, and select the article you need.

WalkMe is much more than docs search. We link to specific, related docs on certain pages, and we can author and play walkthroughs of any of our dashboard procedures. Walkthroughs are captured to direct attention after detecting user activity, and respond to clicks within the interface or on a next button. Some are based on specific reactions in the dashboard. We don't ask the user to "click here" often—in certain walkthroughs, the walkthrough will simply wait for you to do what is obvious in the interface. 

Placing procedural information right next to where it's used reduces split attention effect and associated extraneous cognitive load. We do a pretty good job of providing the right information where it's used already, and once you're experienced it's more than sufficient—but we're constantly seeking new ways to improve the onboarding experience of new users. As a result, we're improving learning efficiency for the procedures practiced. Users can re-launch the same walkthroughs they’ve already completed—whether from the widget, via search, or from permalinks in our docs and emails.

We're starting simple, but we intend to cover as much dashboard functionality as we can, without annoying or otherwise interfering with users' work. We'll update this post with links to published walkthroughs and what's upcoming. Please leave feedback in the comments! 

Published Walkthroughs:

  1. Create your first site will play after visiting the dashboard for the first time from any URL with `/register` in it. 

  2. On-Server Development with SFTP Mode walks new users through making a code change from the app and committing it in the dashboard.

Up Next:

  1. Site and Organization Dashboard Tours

  2. Git Clone and Push

  3. Apply and deploy upstream updates

Which dashboard operations do you think we should record and guide with this tool? 

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