Updates to Default Platform Domains

In our effort to continue improving the platform, we will be making changes to the default domains we provide for site URLs by switching from our legacy development domains to pantheonsite.io.

The changes will not result in downtime for sites.

Any customers using settings.php or wp-config.php to redirect from live-foo.pantheon.io or live.bar.gotpantheon.com to another destination will need to update the code to redirect from live-foo.pantheonsite.io. See our redirect documentation for an updated snippet. In addition, we recommend updating any hardcoded references to the legacy development domains.

Example of site URL changes: dev-foo.pantheon.io will become dev-foo.pantheonsite.io, and dev.bar.gotpantheon.com will become dev-bar.pantheonsite.io. The change also includes the Test, Live, and Multidev site URLs.

Customers using the gotpantheon.com domain in their DNS provider’s CNAME record can take advantage of uptime and reliability improvements by switching to pantheonsite.io. Customers using the pantheon.io domain already enjoy these improvements and may use pantheonsite.io if they wish to standardize on the new domain.

The following changes will take place March 2, 2016:

  1. New sites will be provisioned on pantheonsite.io.

  2. All existing sites will have pantheonsite.io development domains added to them, including sites using their own custom development domains.

  3. All requests to legacy development domains will be permanently redirected to pantheonsite.io.

For more information please read our Domains and DNS documentation.

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