Top 8 Resources: WordPress with Git

WordPress can be used with the Git Distributed Version Control System (VCS) to simplify WordPress setup and deployment. Git also protects sensitive information by keeping it out of the repository, and allows streamlined deployment (for example, Git statuses don't return modified files in production). Git and WordPress are typically used in a three-part model, comprised of a local GUI, web server, and Git host. Below we present some top links from across the web that discuss how to use Git with WordPress, including common workflows and specific tasks, such as dealing with merge conflicts.

How to Use Git for WordPress Development

I’ve researched how Git is being used by experienced WordPress developers and the tools available to make it easier to pair Git and WordPress. In this article, I’ll share what I’ve learned, and point out resources you can use to get started with Git for WordPress.

Git – Rewriting History

Learn the basics of Git project history rewriting commands through this training module. Amending commits and rebasing are covered in the Atlassian Git tutorial.

How We Built and Maintain a Large Blog Using Wordpress, Heroku, Git and More

In this article I’ll share with you the actual tools, frameworks, plugins and infrastructure that we use for Hacking UI so that you can build your own blog, if you wish.

How to Automatically Deploy WordPress Theme Changes Using GitHub and Deploy

Most professional web developers use a version control system like GitHub or BitBucket and automatically deploy their changes to staging or live site. In this article, we will show you how to automatically deploy WordPress theme changes using GitHub and Deploy.

Git Workflow with WordPress

If there was a way to streamline your code backup, development, and deployment would you do it? Git is a solid solution, but benefits from some fine tuning to improve WordPress development. This article provides a typical Git-WordPress workflow.

Dealing with Merge Conflicts

For a lot of people, merge conflicts are as scary as accidentally formatting their hard drive. In the course of this chapter, I want to relieve you from this fear.

Reset, Checkout, and Revert

In this article, we’ll compare the most common configurations of git reset, git checkout, and git revert. Hopefully, you’ll walk away with the confidence to navigate your repository using any of these commands.

Mastering Git Submodules

In this post, we'll explore every step of using submodules in a collaborative project, making sure we highlight default behaviors, traps and available improvements.

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