Top 4 Resources: WordPress Configuration Management

Performing configuration management for WordPress involves deploying database changes and additional tasks, such as transferring settings between the database and the source code tree, or between different environments. Plugins such as WP-CFM aim to solve the existing issues with deploying database changes in WordPress. Below we present top links from across the web that discuss configuration management for WordPress sites.

WordPress Multi-Environment Config: Work Seamlessly Between Development, Staging, and Production Sites

Running a separate development site can be a complex and tedious endeavor and WordPress doesn't make it very easy. Simon Jones, founder and technical director of Studio 24, believes that the platform should have better support for those working in multiple environments and has created an extension to the WP config system to elegantly support this.

Configuration Management Finally Comes to WordPress

Deploying database changes in WordPress is hard, especially when working on teams with multiple developers. It's a problem that we've wrestled with for awhile at Forum One. As a starting point to solving the problem, we're excited to have released the WP-CFM plugin to the WordPress community.

WordPress Configuration Management

This is the fourth post in a series about developing for WordPress in a DevOps-friendly way. In this post, we’ll look at how we can transfer various settings between the WordPress database and into text files in the source code tree.

Top 10 WP-CFM Alternatives and Similar Wordpress Plugins

WP-CFM lets you copy database configuration to/from the filesystem, and is similar to Drupal's Features module. This post lists some alternatives to WP-CFM.

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