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Three WordPress Migration Success Stories to Inspire Your Next Move

It’s not surprising that WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet. New developers can get started with it easily, but it’s flexible and powerful enough for experienced users, too.  

However, WordPress is only as good as the infrastructure that supports it. You might experience poor performance and even downtime with the wrong hosting provider. And the right platform can dramatically increase your site’s responsiveness.

If you’re stuck with a host that isn’t meeting your needs, don’t despair: WordPress migration can be quick and painless, even for complex sites.

Here are three success stories from Pantheon clients, to inspire you to make the move.

1. SendGrid Sees a Performance Boost and Unparalleled Peace of Mind

Cloud-based SaaS company SendGrid provides an email delivery service that sends over 30 billion emails per month in over 100 companies. Their core product was solid—but their marketing site suffered frequent slowdowns and outages.

SendGrid hosted the site on their own equipment, which was aging even as the company outgrew its performance capacity. Deployments would sometimes fail just for want of processing power. Even if a deployment seemed to go smoothly, once the site went live new issues would surface.

WordPress hosting on Pantheon offered SendGrid the capacity they needed, with a Dev-Test-Live workflow that simplified deployments. With Pantheon standing by, the migration was easier than anticipated. “We had a War Room ready on launch day,” says Web Developer Nathan Jacobson. “Then we pushed the button...and there was no war. It was seamless.”

As soon as the migration was done, SendGrid saw substantial performance improvements. More importantly, the team at SendGrid gained confidence and peace of mind. “It was always a nerve-wracking experience to push ‘deploy’ at the command line in the previous environment, and it just isn’t anymore,” says Jacobson.

Read SendGrid’s full WordPress migration story.

2. WordPress Agency Valet Finds a Fast Track to Performance

Valet is a WordPress-centric digital agency. They offer everything from custom design and development to digital strategy. The team at Valet knows WordPress inside and out. They just needed an infrastructure partner who knew as much about admin work as they know about development.

Valet Founder & CEO Mason James chose Pantheon after seeing a demo of what the platform could do. “I was so blown away by what Pantheon had,” James says. “It was light years beyond what we were seeing in the WordPress world.”

Valet opted for the Agency Fast Track program for extra training and assistance with migrating their trickier clients. The Pantheon team provided workshops for Valet’s engineers, and worked together with Valet to migrate clients with tricky technical debt.

The experience was eye-opening for James and his team. “Working with [Pantheon’s] engineers and seeing the same enthusiasm and excitement we have on our side, I thought, ‘This is locked in. We are going to be customers for a very long time,’” James says.

Read Valet’s full WordPress migration story.

3. The New Statesman Sets New Standards for Stability & Performance

Progressive Media is a UK digital media company with a wide range of products. One of their most popular consumer sites is the New Statesman, a political news site. From print to digital, the New Statesman has been a trusted voice in UK politics for over a hundred years.

In the runup to the 2015 general election, Progressive Media knew that the New Statesman would see substantial traffic spikes. However, the site was already having performance issues over a month before the election. When they asked their cloud service provider to increase capacity, their only solution was “buy more space up front and hope you estimated demand correctly.” Which was no solution at all.

The New Statesman migrated to Pantheon for scalable-as-needed hosting. The site needed to be migrated and fully operational in just three weeks. With Pantheon’s tech team hard at work, they made the migration under the deadline.

On election day, the New Statesmen saw four times the normal volume of traffic. Its sister site,, weathered 10 times the normal volume. Both sites seamlessly scaled to handle the traffic, then scaled back after the rush was over.

Is It Time to Migrate?

WordPress is a powerful and flexible CMS, but it needs the right hosting to reach its full potential. If you’re experiencing bad WordPress hosting warning signs, don’t hold back. Find a host that will meet your needs, migrate over, and start enjoying WordPress the way it’s meant to be.

Ready to make the move? Our Quickstart Guide to WordPress Migration has all the info you need.

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