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We Want to Say Thank You As We Reflect Upon and Celebrate 10 Years

As we celebrate Pantheon's 10-year anniversary, this donation is just one of the ways we're hoping to give back to the people who make Pantheon possible. 

Today, Pantheon is announcing a $25,000 donation to the nonprofit group Women Who Code. The group is dedicated to empowering women in tech and raising them into leadership, executive, investor, and board positions. Pantheon hopes to be an active participant in accelerating this mission in 2021, and beyond. And, as the year comes to a close, we're encouraging everyone in our community to do what they can to give back virtually. 

Women Who Code provides female engineers access to professional development, career-building networks, and mentorship opportunities. They're also driving larger changes in the industry — spearheading a culture that values inclusion, and training companies to better hire, retain, and promote women in tech. 

It's an organization built on a clear purpose and a sense of community. And, at a time when more than one in four women are contemplating downshifting their careers or leaving the workforce completely, this focus on mid-level engineers is more important than ever. 

Partnering with organizations like Women Who Code makes our commitment to setting a high industry bar for diversity, equity, and inclusion much easier. And, as we celebrate Pantheon's 10-year anniversary, this donation is just one of the ways we're hoping to give back to the people who make Pantheon possible. 

We're kicking off a month of giving in December, and I'm excited to share some of the initiatives we have underway to celebrate our customers, our community, and our employees. 

For Our Customers

Pantheon is extending our COVID WebOps offer to qualified government, medical, or educational institutions with a crisis communications website, and non-profit organizations directly providing relief. We launched this initiative at the beginning of COVID-19 to support organizations responding to the pandemic or delivering vital information to the public. This evolved to include a pre-built response site to allow organizations on the COVID-19 front lines to deploy rapidly and deliver emergency communications.

Already, this offering is helping people around the world make tremendous progress within their communities. In Peru, the nonprofit SIM is connecting families to food packages in a city where locals have limited internet bandwidth. And, across the US, Share Our Strength is helping kids access frequent, nutritious meals, even during pandemic-related school closures. 

If this describes your use case, contact us today. 

For Our Community

The open source community is part of the fabric of Pantheon. After 10 years, we continue to call upon our counterparts in the Drupal and Wordpress communities for ideas, support, and innovations. To give back to this community, we're hosting Pantheon’s 1st Annual Gift of Open Source through December. 

This initiative encourages people to submit code, documentation, feedback, design, or administrative assistance to open source projects. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned web developer or a newcomer to the community, anyone is welcome to participate. 

For Our Employees

Through the turmoil of 2020, our employees at Pantheon — Pantheors — have shown relentless empathy and a deep sense of individual responsibility. They're continuing to show up — for this company and for the communities and causes they care about — and that tenacity is what we look for in Pantheors. We're grateful to have a team who lives our values, even in a year such as this!

To say thank you to our employees at Pantheon, we're providing extra time off over the New Year holiday. We're shutting down the virtual office, and encouraging our people to close their laptops and spend those days with family and friends. 

In addition, we're matching all employee donations up to $500. We hope to help our employees contribute to causes they care about, and provide them a clear avenue for giving back in a meaningful way. 

What's Next? 

Throughout this year, all of us have considered what it means to be an agent of positive change. Companies, institutions, and individuals alike have reckoned with their responsibility to do better, and Pantheon is no different. This work doesn't stop here. 

We know that sweeping cultural changes must occur to bring equity to the tech industry and, by working with and supporting organizations like Women Who Code, we hold ourselves accountable as we enter this new decade.


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